Antifa Teacher’s Indoctrination Attempts Should Outrage—and Mobilize—Public School Parents

“Public schools are trying to indoctrinate our kids!” When parents hear statements like this, all too often they dismiss it as a right-wing conspiracy theory. But the evidence is piling up that shows this is not just a theory, and it’s time for parents to start taking indoctrination in school seriously.

The latest example of school indoctrination was uncovered by Project Veritas. In a recently released recording, a California public school teacher, Gabriel Gipe, a member of the Sacramento Antifa chapter, is caught not only stating, “I have 180 days to turn [my students] into revolutionaries,” but citing Mao Zedong as an inspiration for his tactics to radicalize his students through fear and propaganda.

Gipe states that in order to bring about a Maoist-like revolution in the United States, activists must be “consistently focusing on education and a change of cultural propaganda … We have to convince people that [socialism] is what we actually need.”

Photos of Gipe’s classroom show that he has a portrait of Mao prominently displayed, alongside both Antifa and gay pride flags. . .

Unfortunately, he is not alone. Gipe states that there are many more teachers like him than there used to be, including at his own school. Another California teacher, Kristen Pitzen, has been placed on administrative leave after posting a video instructing her students to pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag. (Read more from “Antifa Teacher’s Indoctrination Attempts Should Outrage—and Mobilize—Public School Parents” HERE)

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