Gold Star Mom Completely Disgusted by Biden’s Taliban Suck-up

Gold Star mother Jill Stephenson, whose son died fighting in Afghanistan over a decade ago, is appalled at how meek and subservient the Biden administration has acted toward the Taliban.

Speaking with the New York Post on Thursday, she specifically expressed exasperation over a White House statement released earlier that day in praise — yes, praise — of the notorious terrorist troupe. . .

Stephenson found the statement infuriating.

“Wow, the first word that comes to mind … was blasphemous, horribly blasphemous. To call the Taliban that — it’s absolutely disgusting. And it’s coming from the White House,” she told the Post.

“Especially given the circumstance of why it’s even happening in the first place. Why are we even negotiating with terrorists? That makes me shake my head,” she added. (Read more from “Gold Star Mom Completely Disgusted by Biden’s Taliban Suck-up” HERE)

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