Senator Says U.S. Will Have to Reinvade Afghanistan

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) left a BBC reporter stunned Monday when he said the United States will likely reinvade Afghanistan to continue the War on Terror.

During an interview with BBC reporter Stephen Sackur, Graham predicted that the new Taliban government in Afghanistan will provide a safe haven for radical Islamic terrorists who hate America and may devise plots to attack the U.S., just as they did before 9/11. He voiced skepticism of President Joe Biden’s assurances that an “over the horizon” counterterrorism strategy using targeted drone strikes will be effective.

“They’re going to give safe haven to al Qaeda who has ambitions to drive us out of the Mid East writ large and attack us because of our way of life,” Graham told Sackur, referring to the Taliban.

“We will be going back into Afghanistan, as we went back into Iraq and Syria,” he said. (Read more from “Senator Says U.S. Will Have to Reinvade Afghanistan” HERE)

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