Poll: Majority Believe Cancel Culture Unfairly Penalizes People

A resounding majority (69%) of registered voters indicated that they believe cancel culture unfairly punishes individuals for previous actions or statements, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll conducted earlier this month.

The survey utilized the Merriam-Webster definition to define cancel culture, The Hill noted.

According to merriam-webster.com, the term means “the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling … as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.”

Strong majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents shared the sentiment that cancel culture unfairly penalizes people for their past behavior and statements, according to the poll results: A whopping 79% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats, and 64% of independents held that view.

Significant majorities of both men (74%) and women (65%) also felt that way.

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Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alachuacounty/25168022601/

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