Christmas Message: UK PM Says Getting COVID Vax ‘Is the Teaching of Jesus Christ’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that “Getting jabbed… not just for ourselves” but for others as well is “the teaching of Jesus Christ” in a Covid-heavy Christmas message.

“After two years of this pandemic, I can’t say that we’re through it,” Prime Minister Johnson began, somewhat less than optimistically given the circumstances. . .

“I hope I can be forgiven for taking pride in the immense spirit of neighbourliness that the people of this country have shown,” the Prime Minister continued, waxing lyrical on people “Getting jabbed not just for themselves, for ourselves, but for friends and family and everyone we meet” and how “that, after all, is the teaching of Jesus Christ, whose birth is at the heart of this enormous festival, that we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves.”

“And so let’s think of all those who are being good neighbours and thinking of others,” he went on, somewhat labouring the point but stopping short of directly attacking the unvaccinated as bad neighbours — or bad Christians. (Read more from “Christmas Message: UK PM Says Getting COVID Vax ‘Is the Teaching of Jesus Christ’” HERE)

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