Joe Coughs Through Speech as WH Declares Him ‘Asymptomatic’

President Joe Biden coughed throughout his speech on coronavirus, even after White House staff claimed he was asymptomatic after coming into contact with a person who later tested positive for the coronavirus.

The president spoke in a hoarse voice and coughed repeatedly as he spoke about the omicron variant of the coronavirus, urging Americans to get vaccinated.

Biden did not wear a mask while speaking, and walked away from the podium without putting his mask back on, even after asking all Americans to wear masks indoors.

But White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the president did not have coronavirus after coming into contact with a mid-level staffer on Air Force One who tested positive for the virus two days later.

“He’s asymptomatic. I spent several hours with him this morning and he is feeling great,” she said, prior to the president’s speech at the White House. (Read more from “Joe Coughs Through Speech as WH Declares Him ‘Asymptomatic’” HERE)

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