Prison Conditions Could ‘Improve’ for Ghislaine Maxwell After Sentencing

The conditions of Ghislaine Maxwell’s detention could dramatically improve after she is sentenced and assigned to a federal prison following her conviction on five out of six sex trafficking charges, according to experts.

Maxwell, who was convicted on Wednesday, has been held at the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center since her arrest in July 2020. She has described conditions there as “a living hell,” claiming that she was served maggot-ridden food and had to watch as sewage and rats came into her tiny cell.

As a convicted sex offender, Maxwell will be ineligible for placement into a minimum security facility such as the Federal Prison Camp near Alderson, West Virginia—the so-called “Camp Cupcake” where Martha Stewart was detained for five months in 2005. She will instead be placed into an at least low-security prison.

Federal prison expert Justin Paperny, the founder of the prison consulting firm White Collar Advice, told Newsweek on Thursday that Maxwell will likely consider her new home an upgrade regardless of the security level. (Read more from “Prison Conditions Could ‘Improve’ for Ghislaine Maxwell After Sentencing” HERE)

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