Media Sugarcoat 79-Year-Old Biden’s Covid Test After Threatening School, Church, And Work Could Kill You

Remember when bureaucrats and talking heads warned you ominously that Covid was so arbitrarily deadly that you couldn’t go to church, your kids couldn’t go to school, and you couldn’t have Christmas dinner with your family? If you didn’t triple-mask, you were killing grandmas. And if you came down with the virus? Boy, were you a selfish, evil person clearly set on trying to kill us all. . .

And yet, now that President Joe Biden has contracted Covid, all those people who warned you the virus should leave you in constant fear for your life are awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact. We all wish the president well in his recovery. At 78, Biden is at a far higher risk for severe Covid complications than the average American, and far more vulnerable than the millions of schoolchildren that were banned from their classrooms by the Covid gatekeepers. But are those gatekeepers as worried now as they told you to be?

“Biden’s age puts him at risk for severe Covid, but experts predict boosters and Paxlovid will aid in a quick recovery,” NBC News assures us. “President Biden, double-boosted, is in a good position to fight covid,” adds The Washington Post.

My personal favorite, also from WaPo: “Biden’s covid diagnosis shows the benefits of avoiding infection.” (In other words, Biden getting sick shows the benefits of avoiding sickness — real J-school brilliance there.) Writer Philip Bump brushes off Biden’s positive test as “inevitable” for “a guy who meets a lot of people and does a lot of traveling, after all” — a far cry from the blame game major media outlets played when former President Donald Trump contracted the virus — before pitifully trying to justify why Trump was reckless for contracting Covid while Biden was not for doing the same thing. (Read more from “Media Sugarcoat 79-Year-Old Biden’s COVID Test After Threatening School, Church, and Work Could Kill You” HERE)

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