‘Straight Pride’ Marchers, LGBTQ Counter-Protesters Clash Outside Abortion Clinic

A march celebrating “straight pride” outside of an abortion clinic in California devolved into violence as participants clashed with more than 200 pro-LGBTQ and pro-choice counter-protesters, according to a report.

The National Straight Pride Coalition, which organized the event, held for the fourth consecutive year in Modesto on Saturday, described its cause as backing heterosexuality, the “natural nuclear family,” Western civilization, Caucasians, Christianity and nationalism.

The handful of straight pride demonstrators was joined by members of the far-right group Proud Boys outside of a Planned Parenthood building ahead of the rally’s start — and were met by counter-protesters draped in rainbow flags and waving signs reading “Fascists not welcome here,” the Modesto Bee reported.

Police officers separated the rally-goers from the opponents across the street, but physical conflict ensued when a Proud Boy attempted to bypass the cops, and counter-protesters retaliated by chucking water bottles, the Bee reported. . .

The Modesto Police Department warned on Facebook around 11:17 a.m. local time, that there was “an unlawful assembly of demonstrators along McHenry Avenue” and warned people to stand clear of the area. (Read more from “‘Straight Pride’ Marchers, LGBTQ Counter-Protesters Clash Outside Abortion Clinic” HERE)

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