Democrats Could Face an Army of ‘Submerged Voters’ in the Midterms, Pollster Says

Democrats will likely experience more political opposition at the ballot box than expected, thanks to an army of voters that won’t be easy to track.

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party’s recent attacks against Conservatives are motivating a large coalition of hard-to-poll Americans to vote for the Republican Party in the midterms, according to Robert C. Cahaly, the chief pollster at the Trafalgar Group.

“If the election were tomorrow, Republicans should feel extremely optimistic,” Cahaly told the Daily Caller. “How should they feel in six weeks? There is a lot that can happen in that much time. But for right now, they should feel extremely optimistic.”

Cahaly labeled this new group of voters “submerged voters” in a Twitter thread posted Saturday. These voters will be even harder to poll than in previous elections when left-wing attacks caused supporters of former President Donald Trump to avoid political surveys but not the ballot box, Cahaly tweeted.

When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called 2016 supporters of former President Donald Trump “‘Deplorables’ and other unflattering names,” those supporters became hesitant to talk about politics publically. They were called the ‘”shy Trump voter,” he said. (Read more from “Democrats Could Face an Army of ‘Submerged Voters’ in the Midterms, Pollster Says” HERE)

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