Former Typhoon Merbok Blasts Alaska With Historic Storm Surge

A historic storm blasted western Alaska Friday and Saturday with hurricane-force winds, over 50-foot seas and coastal flooding not seen in decades, leaving homes flooded, roads washed away and power out to a wide area.

What used to be Typhoon Merbok morphed into a powerful northern Pacific storm as it raced nearly due north and pushed through the Aleutian Islands Friday and into the Bering Sea Saturday, bringing a dangerous storm surge inundating coastal villages and towns under several feet of water for hours.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy declared a state disaster area Saturday morning and was set to ask the U.S. government for a federal disaster declaration on Monday. But Dunleavy says despite the record-breaking impacts, the emergency operation center had not received any reports of injuries.

As the storm weakened and passed into the Arctic, towns and villages along the Bering Sea began cleaning up debris that had washed ashore. Dozens of homes and buildings flooded as the Bering Sea pushed inland, and several roads left damaged.

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