State to Allow Transgender People to Change Their Birth Record

This week, Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services said that it will temporarily allow transgender residents to change the gender on their birth certificates.

The Department’s decision comes after a judge’s ruling that state health officials made “calculated violations” of his order enjoining enforcement of a state law, S.B. 280, which required for transgender individuals who wanted to change their sex on their birth certificate to undergo “gender-affirming” surgery and file a court petition.

Townhall covered last week how District Court Judge Michael G. Moses blocked the state law days after the DPHHS adopted a new rule permanently blocking residents from altering the sex on their birth certificate unless there was a “scrivener’s error” on the document.

“As some scientists have noted, ‘[h]uman sex is an observable, immutable and important biological classification,’ it is biological (and thus, genetic), binary, and immutable,” the rule stated. “The department agrees.” (Read more from “State to Allow Transgender People to Change Their Birth Record” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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