WATCH: Joe Biden Calls Heckler an ‘Idiot,’ Accuses Him of ‘Destroying Democracy’ During MAGA-Bashing Speech (VIDEO)

By Washington Examiner. A heckler disrupted President Joe Biden’s speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, drawing the attention of the president, who called him an “idiot,” before being escorted out.

In the middle of his speech to a crowd at Laborfest, where labor unions and their members gather annually, a heckler yelled at the president onstage, garnering a reaction. Biden halted his speech to ask security to “let him go,” delivering a quip in the process.

“All right, God love you. Let him go, let him go,” Biden said as security began to escort the man out. “Let him go. He’s — look, everybody’s entitled to be an idiot.”

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Joe Biden Accuses Heckler of ‘Destroying Democracy’ at Labor Day Speech

By Breitbart. President Joe Biden mocked a heckler during a Labor Day speech on Monday, accusing him of “destroying democracy.” . . .

The president continued his speech, warning his audience that the “extreme MAGA” Republicans were trying to take away personal rights from Americans.

“We have to be stronger and more determined and more committed to saving American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy out that door, are destroying democracy,” he said, referring to the heckler.

Biden continued his angry condemnation of former President Donald Trump and his supporters, calling them a “threat to democracy.”

He also told workers that “the Trumpies” were trying to end popular programs such as Social Security. (Read more from “Joe Biden Accuses Heckler of ‘Destroying Democracy’ at Labor Day Speech” HERE)

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