Utah Psychologist Faces Six New Charges Linked to ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’

A former Utah psychologist accused of “ritualistic sex abuse” involving children faces six new felony charges after a second adult victim came forward with testimony decades after the alleged assaults occurred.

On Oct. 17, David Lee Hamblin, 68, pleaded not guilty in a district court in Sanpete County, Utah, to six additional counts of aggravated child sex abuse stemming from an investigation by members of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office’s (UCSO) special victims unit.

Detectives arrested Hamblin in late September on seven other child sexual abuse-related charges from a separate case.

Those charges include first-degree felony rape of a child, aggravated abuse of a child, and lewdness involving a child.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office in Spanish Fork is investigating reports of “ritualistic child sexual abuse” in three counties spanning the years 1990 to 2010. More than 150 victims and witnesses have come forward since April 2021. (Read more from “Utah Psychologist Faces Six New Charges Linked to ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’” HERE)

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