Biden Makes a Big Move on Taiwan

As President Joe Biden works to confront multiple threats to freedom around the world after botching the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and failing to dissuade Putin from invading Ukraine, he’s sending more American service members to Taiwan in the face of escalating aggression from Beijing.

According to a dispatch on the development from The Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration is “markedly increasing the number of troops deployed to Taiwan, more than quadrupling the current number to bolster a training program for the island’s military amid a rising threat from China.”

Via WSJ:

The U.S. plans to deploy between 100 and 200 troops to the island in the coming months, up from roughly 30 there a year ago, according to U.S. officials. The larger force will expand a training program the Pentagon has taken pains not to publicize as the U.S. works to provide Taipei with the capabilities it needs to defend itself without provoking Beijing.

The number of American troops, which has included special-operations forces and U.S. Marines, has fluctuated by a handful during the past few years, according to Defense Department data. The planned increase would be the largest deployment of forces in decades by the U.S. on Taiwan, as the two draw closer to counter China’s growing military power.

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