Biden Shares First Page of His SOTU Address…and He Might Be in Trouble

President Biden — or whichever handler has the unfortunately responsibility of posting for him and reading his replies — tweeted Monday morning that he was “Getting ready” for his State of the Union address to be delivered on Tuesday evening. The statement was accompanied by a photo of a speech draft with a coffee mug and plate of cookies nearby, because why shouldn’t he get a little reward for his hard work reading what’s been written for him.

But some careful observers have worried that the first page of Biden’s speech might already be set to trip him up[:]

Mr. Speaker.

Madam Vice President.

Our First Lady and Second Gentleman.

Members of Congress and the Cabinet.

Leaders of our military.

Mr. Chief Justice –

and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court .

My fellow Americans.


So, will President Biden read everything, and we mean *everything* that scrolls past his tired eyes on the teleprompter?

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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