Man Falls off Cliff and Dies Making ‘Daredevil’ TikTok Video

An Indiana man died after falling off a cliff in Puerto Rico while filming a video for TikTok, according to CNN.

Edgar Garay, 27, was on a trip in southwest Puerto Rico when he fell off a 70-foot coastal cliff near a lighthouse. His body was found in an underwater cave by a dive unit.

According to WTHR, which spoke with the brother of the deceased, Garay was with his cousin Emma, who took him sightseeing. The cousin allegedly told Garay repeatedly not to get too close to the cliff. When walking away, Garay’s cousin looked back and realized he was no longer there.

The Coast Guard received a phone call about the incident, with a witness at the scene later saying that she saw Garay stumble toward the edge of the cliff. A helicopter began conducting a search that night.

Carlos Garay, older brother of Edgar, told the Indiana outlet that his brother was a daredevil. (Read more from “Man Falls off Cliff and Dies Making ‘Daredevil’ TikTok Video” HERE)

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