Police Release Footage of Nashville Christian School Shooter (VIDEO)

Authorities released footage of the 28-year-old female shooter arriving at a Nashville Christian school and walking around the building where she would gun down six people, including three children.

Footage from security cameras around the Covenant School building shows the shooter arrive on campus and drive around the building before entering the school by shooting through glass doors. The shooter then walks through the hallways, holding her assault rifle up as she opens doors and peeks around corners. While the video does not include sound, it appears the school’s alarms went off as lights began flashing in the hallways after the shooter broke the glass to gain entry.

The shooter, a woman who identified as a man in recent months, entered the school with three guns around 10:13 a.m. Monday, killing three adults, including the head of the school, and three 9-year-old children in what authorities described as a “targeted attack.” Police arrived 14 minutes later, and the shooter opened fire on arriving officers from a second-story window. The officers, however, made their way into the school before two Metro Nashville cops returned fire and killed the shooter. (Read more from “Police Release Footage of Nashville Christian School Shooter (VIDEO)” HERE)

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