It’s Nuts to Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine; Biden’s Decision on Ukraine Cluster Munitions Sparks Some Democratic Blowback

By The Daily Beast. The United States has decided to send cluster munitions to Ukraine. President Biden told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that it was a “very difficult decision” and one that he discussed “with our allies” and “with our friends up on the Hill.”

I wonder if the allies he says he discussed it with included the U.K., France, Germany, or Canada. These close U.S. allies are all on the list of 123 nations—making up a large majority of the nations of the world—that have signed the UN convention forbidding the use of cluster munitions. Most of the planet considers the use of such weapons, which can spread explosive material over an area “up to the size of several football fields,” to be a war crime in itself, regardless of the intended target.

It’s easy to conduct the debate about sending these weapons in glittering generalities—”Ukraine has a right to defend itself,” “we should give them whatever they need,” and so on. The grim reality is that Ukrainian children will be blowing themselves up with U.S.-made explosives for decades to come. . .

Biden spokesperson February 28, 2022: “The use of cluster munitions is a war crime.”A year and a half later, National Security Adviser to US President Biden Jake Sullivan, at a briefing at the White House, announced his intention to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine.
by u/theRealNihilist911 in N_N_N

Some commentators are treating the fact that Russia used them as a “gotcha” response to anyone who doesn’t want the U.S. to send them to the Ukrainian side. But that makes no sense. Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iraqi Kurds. Does that mean it would have been perfectly fine if the United States had used chemical weapons in its invasion of Iraq?

. . .When you read about “Russia” invading “Ukraine,” it’s easy to imagine that the only victims of cluster munitions supplied to Ukraine will be Russians. While I don’t think we should be cavalier about the deaths of Russian civilians—or for that matter Russian conscripts—it’s also important to remember that a great many of even the intended victims of these munitions will be Russian-allied separatists in eastern Ukraine. And when it comes to cluster munitions, which victims are intended is almost beside the point. (Read more from “It’s Nuts to Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine” HERE)


Biden’s Decision on Ukraine Cluster Munitions Sparks Some Democratic Blowback

By NBC News. Nearly two dozen congressional Democrats on Friday expressed frustration with the Biden administration over its decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine in a U.S. military aid package.

The lawmakers echoed warnings from human rights groups that the surface-to-surface warheads, which disperse small munitions or bombs over wide areas, can explode after battle and sometimes injure or kill innocent people.

“Cluster munitions are illegal under international law,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said in a statement announcing that she plans to introduce an amendment with Rep. Sara Jacobs, D-Calif., to the annual defense policy bill that would ban the sale of cluster munitions.

“We can support the people of Ukraine in their freedom struggle, while also opposing violations of international law,” Omar said, noting that the munitions are banned in more than 100 countries.

Jacobs announced her opposition to the munitions transfer in a statement Thursday, saying she was “disappointed and alarmed” by the forthcoming move. (Read more from “Biden’s Decision on Ukraine Cluster Munitions Sparks Some Democratic Blowback” HERE)

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