Judge: Donald Trump’s Georgia Trial Will Be Televised, Live-Streamed

Former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Fulton County, Georgia, will be televised and live-streamed on the internet, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee announced Thursday.

McAfee will also allow reporters to use their computers and cell phones inside the courtroom so long as they are not used to record the trial. McAfee’s announcement is aligned with Fulton County policy that broadcasts judicial proceedings on its YouTube channel.

No trial date has been set in Trump’s Georgia case.

Georgia’s rules are the opposite of those in New York and the federal court system, where Trump faces three other criminal cases. Cameras are not permitted in New York’s court system or federal courtrooms. However, a New York court granted an exception for photographers when Trump appeared in court in April for his arraignment. (Read more from “Judge: Donald Trump’s Georgia Trial Will Be Televised, Live-Streamed” HERE)

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