Russian Official Says the US Is Turning Ukrainians Into a ‘Gay Zombie Army’

“These renewed troops of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, zombified and unified through gay sex, along with cult members ready to sacrifice themselves. This is what they’re preparing for us in the spring 2025.”

These were the words of Sergei Markov, a Russian political scientist and former advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a recent television appearance on Russian state television.

Markov is a former member of the Russian State Duma, the lower house of the country’s federal legislative body, a professor of political science at Moscow State University, and a lecturer on philosophy. He’s also known for his wild reactionary statements. His claim that the Ukrainian Army will suddenly become homosexual supersoldiers is just the latest.

“Military theorists and historians know which army in Greece was the strongest, remember? The Spartans! They were united by a homosexual brotherhood. These were the politics of their leadership. I think they are planning the same for Ukraine’s Armed Forces,” Markov said.

Markov is correct in his assertion that homosexuality in ancient Greece, and especially Sparta, was the norm. Historians Plato and Plutarch wrote extensively about the Spartan customs. Spartans were also one of many Greek forces remembered as elite warriors today. His assertion that the Spartans’ battlefield prowess was the result of their sexual relationships is less clear to historians. (Read more from “Russian Official Says the US Is Turning Ukrainians Into a ‘Gay Zombie Army’” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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