US Citizens in Belarus Told to ‘Depart Immediately’

The U.S. Embassy in Belarus issued an alert Monday for all American citizens in the country to leave immediately and warned against traveling there.

The warning comes after Lithuania closed two of its major border crossings with Belarus over concerns about the Russian mercenary group Wagner that has established operations in the country. . .

The U.S. State Department has advised Americans not to travel to Belarus due to Minsk’s support of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the buildup of Russian military forces in Belarus, the “arbitrary” enforcement of local laws, potential civil unrest, the risk of detention.

“U.S. citizens in Belarus should depart immediately,” the State Department advised. “Consider departing via the remaining border crossings with Lithuania and Latvia, or by plane.”

Wagner’s presence in Belarus comes after an apparent failed uprising spearheaded by the group’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, in late June. (Read more from “US Citizens in Belarus Told to ‘Depart Immediately’” HERE)

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