Panic Button? More Brutal Polling for Democrats

Democrats can feel the heartburn rising in their throats. It’s beginning to dawn on them that Joe Biden could well lose next year’s election, even if he’s pitted against his preferred opponent in Donald Trump. Faced with the prospects of (a) an unpopular incumbent who seems intent to run again, (b) a closing window with just a few months to go until the nominating process begins, and (c) no clear alternative with any sort of national campaign infrastructure, they may have no choice but to shove all of their eggs into the Biden basket and hope for the best. Yes, Trump would arrive in a general election weighed down by tons of exploitable baggage, so they’re hoping that would be enough to clinch another win. But it may not. It’s not hard to see why the lefty chattering class and media are growing increasingly anxious — and it’s not just because Trump has edged out in front of Biden in the Real Clear Politics average. Some of the specific findings in a handful of recent polls are just brutal for Biden and his party. For example:

Only 34% of Americans said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared with 59% who disapprove, according to the poll…Seventy-six percent of independents and even 34% of Democrats said the economy is getting worse. Eighty-four percent of Americans say their cost of living is rising, and food and groceries is the top concern. The results come as Biden has touted “Bidenomics” to frame his economic vision ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

. . .

Overall prices are up 17 percent, and are still rising. Most people — quite rightly — believe Biden’s policies have made conditions worse. The White House wasn’t getting any credit for the rising prices going up more slowly (but still in the wrong direction), even though they tried to gin up enthusiasm for that talking point. They will likely shoulder significant blame in the public’s view when the rise in prices comes in hotter than expected.

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