FBI Finally Investigates Satanic Pedophile Group, Only After Learning of White Supremacy Ties

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently investigating a disturbing online group known as “764” or “Harm Nation,” accused of engaging in satanic rituals, pedophilia, and exploiting minors for self-harm videos. However, the focus of the investigation has shifted towards a potential link to white supremacy, raising questions about the FBI’s prioritization of cases. This report delves into the details of the investigation, shedding light on the group’s activities and the controversy surrounding its classification.

For years, the group, believed to be operating globally, has targeted minors, coercing them into recording or live-streaming acts of self-harm and producing explicit material.

The FBI’s interest in the case heightened when allegations of white supremacy surfaced within the group. The domestic terrorism unit is now investigating “764” for “white-supremacy racially motivated violent extremism” (RMVE). The sole known arrest, Angel Luis Almeida, is a Hispanic man whose anti-white comments in court seem contradictory to the white supremacist label.

Led by a 19-year-old Russian called Yuri, who identifies as a “femboy” associated with left-wing queer culture, the group’s activities involve heinous acts of violence against its victims. Cooper Fay, a Florida-based private security professional, uncovered evidence of torture, with a majority of victims being white, although the group also targeted two black individuals.

Cooper Fay, who played a crucial role in exposing the group, claims that the FBI’s selective focus on the white supremacist elements might be influenced by political motivations. Fay argues that the primary concern should be addressing the child abuse aspect, emphasizing the group’s association with Satanism rather than political ideologies.

The investigation into the “764” or “Harm Nation” group highlights the complexities of addressing online criminal activities involving minors. The FBI’s decision to pursue a white supremacy angle has sparked controversy, with critics questioning the agency’s priorities.

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