New Poll Shreds Liberal Narratives About the Palestinians and Hamas

I mean, why are we shocked by this poll? The Left might be, along with liberal media reporters, especially for all their chest-beating about how there is a difference between Hamas and ordinary Palestinians. . .

So, how do these ordinary Palestinians feel about a two-state solution, Hamas, the October 7 attacks, and what their dream nation would be? Again, unsurprisingly, there is healthy support for the attacks, Hamas, and they want to wipe out Israel.

Arab World for Research and Development polled 668 Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, the latter being a bit interesting since we were told the heartless Israelis had cut off all telecommunications there. What raised some eyebrows is the crosstab about Iran: 64 percent don’t have a favorable view, though some noted that could be because Tehran has refused to enter the war:

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