Biden Administration Border Policy Easing Entry for Chinese Illegal Aliens

In a significant policy shift, the Biden administration reportedly instructed Border Patrol agents to streamline the entry process for Chinese illegal aliens, allowing them an easier path into the United States. According to an April 2023 email reviewed by The Daily Caller, Border Patrol agents were directed to ask Chinese illegal immigrants only five questions, a drastic reduction from the approximately forty questions asked previously.

The email, sent by a Customs and Border Protection supervisor to around 500 Border Patrol agents, revealed the new approach, indicating that the agents were now required to inquire about “Military Service,” “Universities,” “POB/Region,” “Employment,” and “Political Party.” The streamlined questioning aimed to accelerate the processing of Chinese illegal aliens, raising concerns about potential security risks.

The former law enforcement official who shared the email with The Daily Caller stated that smugglers guiding the illegal aliens were coached on how to respond to these specific questions, facilitating a quicker and more efficient entry process. The illegals who provided satisfactory answers to the five questions were reportedly allowed to be released into the United States.

Critics argue that this policy change may compromise national security, with retired CBP deputy patrol agent J.J. Carrell expressing concern. Carrell stated, “This policy change has accelerated the time it takes to process Chinese illegal immigrants — this doesn’t make America safer. The final result is that dangerous Chinese illegal immigrants will still be released into the U.S.”

The email instructed agents to refer illegals who answered affirmatively to any of the five questions to the tactical Terrorism Response Team (TTRT). TTRT is responsible for interrogating Chinese illegal aliens with potential terror ties or connections to the Chinese government. Individuals identified as security risks are then turned over to the Joint Terrorism Task Force for further investigation and deportation.

Concerns about potential spying threats posed by Chinese nationals pretending to be tourists have been raised by federal officials. These individuals allegedly test the security of military bases and sensitive sites, with approximately 100 reported incidents. Incidents often occur in rural areas, where tourists are not commonly found, and the nationals use scripted language when approached by security guards.

While the Defense Department, FBI, and other agencies have studied the issue, the Biden White House and the Department of Homeland Security declined to comment when contacted by The Wall Street Journal in a previous report.

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