Top Children’s Hospital Coaches Doctors to Avoid Parents Wary of Trans Treatments

A top children’s hospital in Ohio is training doctors how to manipulate parents who are wary of allowing their child to undergo permanent sex-change procedures.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which ‌hosted DeWine onsite ahead of his veto and testified against the ban in the legislature, claimed that parental involvement in a child’s choice to change their gender permanently is a priority. However, insider sources say differently.

The hospital’s Transgender Health Center has misrepresented its approach to parental involvement by teaching doctors how to handle skeptical parents with training sessions.

The hospital’s director, Dr. Lee Ann Conard, suggests several ways to progress a child’s decision towards “gender-affirmation” without parental support. In the training video, she recommends putting children in therapy without informing the parents. Conrad even supports the idea of stopping a young girl’s period.

“Some kids aren’t ready to tell the parents, and we shouldn’t out them,” Conard said. “If the kid doesn’t wanna talk to the parent … are there things we can do medically to help? We can refer a ‌child for therapy without the parent knowing that the ‌kid told us they’re transgender. If they’re having significant anxiety and depression, the other thing is menstrual suppression.” (Read more from “Top Children’s Hospital Coaches Doctors to Avoid Parents Wary of Trans Treatments” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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