Bret Weinstein Sounds Alarm on WHO’s Troubling Moves: Threat to Freedom of Speech in the U.S.

Biologist Bret Weinstein has raised concerns about the World Health Organization’s (WHO) potential impact on Americans in the event of another health emergency, warning that the organization may be making “troubling” changes. Weinstein shared his insights during an appearance on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter.”

Weinstein discussed the surprising ability of a “small number of dissidents” to challenge the mainstream media’s narrative during the pandemic, particularly in exposing the harmful and ineffective aspects of certain vaccine shots.

The biologist shifted his focus to the WHO’s “pandemic preparedness plan modifications,” suggesting that the organization is seeking a rematch with the world. Weinstein expressed his belief that the WHO might target voices that previously challenged the established narrative. When questioned by Tucker Carlson about the possibility of the WHO undermining the U.S.’s First Amendment rights, Weinstein affirmed that he believes the organization could indeed jeopardize freedom of speech.

Weinstein suggested that the WHO is revising structures to prevent dissidents from upending future narratives. He claims the organization’s pursuit of measures that could silence podcasters and mandate international actions is ongoing, potentially hindering the emergence of a control group to assess harms clearly.

Carlson raised the question of whether an international health organization could end the First Amendment in the United States, prompting Weinstein’s assertion that such discussions are underway at the international level. Weinstein expressed deep concern about the troubling nature of these discussions and suggested that the U.S. is in the midst of a coup, facing the elimination of national and personal sovereignty.

The biologist highlighted an upcoming agreement, expected to be signed in May, which he believes could alter the response to future public health emergencies. He warned that the Director General of the WHO has significant discretion in defining such emergencies, potentially extending beyond traditional health crises to issues like climate change.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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