Court Finds Justin Trudeau’s Use of Counter-Terrorism Law Against Freedom Convoy Unconstitutional

A Canadian Federal Court Judge found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of a counter-terrorism law to shut down the Freedom Convoy trucker protests against vaccine mandates and other lockdown measures in 2022 unconstitutional.

Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley ruled that the use of the Emergencies Act by the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau to shut down a series of trucker-led protests in February of 2022 was “unreasonable”, CBC reports.

The ruling came in response to a legal case brought forward by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Constitution Foundation, and other individuals who argued that the protests did not meet the legal threshold for the government to use the powers granted under the act, which had never been used and was originally intended as a means of combatting terrorists.

The protests, which began in January of 2022, were almost entirely peaceful and featured truckers using their vehicles to block roads in Ottawa and along the U.S. border in opposition to vaccine mandates and other lockdown diktats, for which they were falsely branded as “racists” by the Trudeau government.

The triggering of the Emergencies Act by Trudeau — reportedly at the urging of the Biden administration in the United States — allowed the government to arrest the leaders of the Freedom Convoy, freeze bank accounts of protesters, and seise donations intended for the protest. (Read more from “Court Finds Justin Trudeau’s Use of Counter-Terrorism Law Against Freedom Convoy Unconstitutional” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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