CBS Teases ‘Surprises’ From Joe Biden for the Debate

We’re about a week from the first presidential debate on June 27. My colleague Bob Hoge wrote about the variations in how the candidates were preparing, with Joe Biden going into hiding at Camp David to do deep preparation with his advisors, while former President Donald Trump is continuing to campaign while doing some consultation with advisors.

The problem is there’s only so much they’re going to be able to do with Biden. But however badly he does, we need to understand that he’s going to be at the best they can get him, and even if that’s bad, the media is still going to act like he’s the Second Coming. At this point, the expectations are so low for Joe and the mainstream media is ready to hype him, if he just shows up, they will praise him to the skies.

But CBS had a report that got a lot of attention because of what they said at the end of it.

First, you know what to think of the report when Weijia Jiang says that Biden answers questions from reporters all the time, although the media would like him to answer more. If she means he ducks them most of the time, then yeah, she’s right.

She mentioned how he was prepping with his closest advisors. But these are the same guys who have advised him forever. Translation: These are the same guys who have been producing the mess that is Joe Biden that we’ve already seen every day. Will they be able to get him in any kind of shape for the debate? (Read more from “CBS Teases ‘Surprises’ From Joe Biden for the Debate” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr