CNN Silences Trump Campaign’s Karoline Leavitt: The Truth is ‘Triggering’

In a startling display of media bias, CNN abruptly cut off Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt’s microphone mid-interview on Monday. Leavitt’s crime? Daring to highlight CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s history of anti-Trump rhetoric ahead of Thursday’s presidential debate, which Tapper is set to co-host.

During a pre-debate interview on CNN, Karoline Leavitt made a brief reference to Jake Tapper’s extensive history of criticizing Trump. This point was particularly relevant as Tapper is one of the moderators for the upcoming debate. However, CNN’s Kasie Hunt, unable to tolerate the mention, abruptly cut Leavitt’s microphone, effectively silencing her.

Following the incident, Leavitt expressed her disbelief and frustration. “CNN cutting off my microphone for bringing up a debate moderator’s history of anti-Trump lies just proves our point that President Trump will not be treated fairly in Thursday’s debate,” she stated.

Speaking to Benny Johnson immediately after being cut off, she remarked, “I still can’t believe this happened. It is really shocking just how triggering the truth is to CNN.” She explained that her intention was merely to point out Trump’s boldness in agreeing to participate in a debate on a network that has shown clear hostility towards him.

“That’s all I was doing was pointing out the fact that President Trump is bold to go on a three on one fight on a network that is clearly hostile to him,” she said. Leavitt further criticized CNN, stating, “Let’s stop pretending like CNN is still the most trusted name in news. They are not, and I pointed out statements that Jake Tapper himself has made in the past.”

Kasie Hunt defended her actions by claiming that Leavitt showed disrespect to her colleague, Jake Tapper. “You come on my show, you respect my colleagues. Period,” Hunt stated.

This incident is more than just a technical glitch or a minor spat. It highlights a significant issue in the media landscape: the blatant bias against conservative voices and, specifically, against Donald Trump. “You cut off my microphone for bringing up the debate moderator’s history of anti-Trump lies. This proved our point that President Trump will not be treated fairly on Thursday,” Leavitt asserted.