Neurologist Claims Biden Shows Classic Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

In a striking assertion, neurologist Dr. Tom Pitts declared on Monday during an appearance on the streaming channel “NBC News Now” that President Joe Biden is displaying classic symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Host Tom Llamas initiated the discussion by asking Dr. Pitts about his professional observations of President Biden’s behavior over the past two years. Llamas inquired, “As a neurologist, based on what you have seen from the president over the last two years, including his debate performance, recent interviews, and his general demeanor, have you noticed any red flags?”

Dr. Pitts responded unequivocally, pointing out several concerning symptoms. “It’s ironic because he has the classic features of neurodegeneration, including word-finding difficulties. This isn’t just about occasionally forgetting a word; it’s indicative of degeneration in the brain’s word retrieval area.”

When Llamas suggested that Biden’s history of overcoming a stutter could explain his speech patterns, Pitts disagreed. “No, this is not related to a palate issue or a speech discrepancy. The low voice he attributes to a cold is actually a condition known as Hypophonia, a hallmark of Parkinson’s Disease. A small, monotone voice over time is a significant indicator. Frankly, I could have diagnosed him from across the mall.”

Dr. Pitts’s comments add fuel to the ongoing debate about Biden’s cognitive abilities, especially following his recent performances in public appearances and debates. Pitts concluded with a stark recommendation, suggesting that both President Biden and former President Donald Trump undergo comprehensive neuropsychological testing. “He definitely has it,” Pitts asserted. “The problem is, when you look at his situation, you can’t just say, ‘Oh, he couldn’t find a word.’ It’s deeper than that. Both him and Trump should take the four-hour neuropsychological testing, which is the hallmark test for cognitive performance.”

These remarks have intensified the scrutiny on Biden’s health, already a point of contention among voters and political opponents. With the upcoming election cycle, the pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to address these health concerns transparently, yet the administration continues to lie.

Photo credit: Flickr