Expert: “Shooter Had Help From Somewhere Within an Agency, an Organization, or the Government”

A veteran of the sniper team with the world’s longest confirmed kill refuses to believe untrained gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks was so easily able to shoot former President Donald Trump — saying even “a seventh-grader” would know the rooftop he climbed onto was “the most f–king obvious” place to check.

“I’m very familiar with the layout of these types of things and what the job should be,” retired sniper Dallas Alexander said in an Instagram post Sunday of the previous day’s attempted assassination at Trump’s rally in Butler, Pa.

“And yesterday what happened, I have no doubts in my mind that the shooter had help from somewhere within an agency, an organization, or the government,” Alexander stated firmly. . .

“You could be like a seventh-grader — like ‘What do we have to do for security?’ Well, let’s look at these rooftops that are almost within zeroing range of a rifle,” he said incredulously.

Alexander continued: “Something happened. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, it’s just too obvious that this guy had help getting there. Whether someone turned a blind eye or it was strategically planned. Events like that, security like that … it’s not a small thing and that is the most obvious place to be.” (Read more from “Expert: “Shooter Had Help From Somewhere Within an Agency, an Organization, or the Government” HERE)

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BlackRock Featured Trump Would-Be-Assassin in Current Advertisement

BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest money manager, has pulled an ad that briefly featured Thomas Crooks, the 20-year-old who shot and wounded former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

The company said Crooks was a student at Bethel Park High School and appeared in the 2022 ad with other unpaid teens.

“In 2022, we ran an ad featuring a teacher from Bethel Park High School, in which several unpaid students briefly appeared in the background, including Thomas Matthew Crooks,” the company said in a statement to Reuters Sunday, adding that the ad has been pulled.

The 30-second BlackRock TV ad features an AP and honors economics class that Crooks attended at the time, with the would-be Trump assassin speaking with his teacher.

Crooks graduated the same year the commercial aired from Bethel Park High, where he was one of a dozen students who received National Math & Science Initiative Star Awards, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. (Read more from “BlackRock Featured Trump Would-Be-Assassin in Current Advertisement” HERE)

Elon Musk Reportedly Says He’ll Unleash $45 Million a Month Toward Pro-Trump Super PAC

Billionaire Elon Musk reportedly said he plans to commit around $45 million a month to a super political action committee (PAC) helping to elect former President Donald Trump into office come this November.

Sources familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal about the billionaire’s plans to further his support for the American PAC, the outlet reported. Other figures who are additionally involved in backing the group includes Palantir Technologies co-founder Joe Lonsdale, cryptocurrency billionaires Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, former U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft and her husband Chief Executive of Alliance Resource Partners, Joe Craft.

Reports of Musk donating to the American PAC were released Friday, with sources familiar with the matter telling Bloomberg that Musk had made a “sizable” donation.

Following the failed assassination attempt against Trump on Saturday at his Pennsylvania rally, Musk announced his full support for the former president in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter). . .

The former president has been steadily gaining support from Silicon Valley elites over the last few months, as more have come forward to endorse him. In addition to Musk on Saturday, billionaire hedge fund manager and long-time Democrat donor Bill Ackman threw his endorsement towards Trump, writing in a post on X about his “supportive posts of Trump” and “criticisms” of President Joe Biden. (Read more from “Elon Musk Reportedly Says He’ll Unleash $45 Million a Month Toward Pro-Trump Super PAC” HERE)

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Jack Smith’s Other Big Trump Case Could Go Down in Flames After Judge Finds His Appointment ‘Unconstitutional’

A judge’s Monday decision finding special counsel Jack Smith’s appointment “unconstitutional” will almost inevitably end up before the Supreme Court, potentially dooming Trump’s Jan. 6 case along with his classified documents case.

Judge Aileen Cannon ruled that Attorney General Merrick Garland did not have the authority to appoint Smith, a private citizen who was also never appointed by the president nor confirmed by the Senate, to prosecute the case against Trump. Cannon’s decision to dismiss the classified documents case — which comes just weeks after the Supreme Court agreed that former presidents have immunity for official acts committed in office — is good news for Trump that will not be limited to the prosecution in Florida but will likely impact Smith’s other prosecution of Trump in Washington, D.C.

“The Mar-a-Lago documents case has long been considered the strongest one against Trump,” former federal prosecutor Joseph Moreno told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “With this decision, it is now indefinitely prolonged and may even fall away.”

Smith will appeal the ruling, his office said Monday. Smith could appeal Cannon’s ruling to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which will take time and will likely result in a circuit split that would make a Supreme Court review almost certain.

“Although Judge Cannon will, no doubt, be attacked by the Left as a political hack who is doing Trump’s bidding, this would be a grossly unfair characterization,” John Malcolm, vice president for the Heritage Foundation’s Institute for Constitutional Government and former deputy assistant attorney general in the DOJ’s Criminal Division, told the DCNF.

(Read more from “Jack Smith’s Other Big Trump Case Could Go Down in Flames After Judge Finds His Appointment ‘Unconstitutional'” HERE)

Trump: ‘It Was God Alone Who Prevented the Unthinkable’

Former President Donald Trump issued a message of faith on Sunday following an assassination attempt that almost succeeded during a rally in Pennsylvania, exhorting Americans to remain strong and determined.

“Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers yesterday, as it was God alone who prevented the unthinkable from happening,” he posted on Truth Social.

He added:

We will FEAR NOT, but instead remain resilient in our Faith and Defiant in the face of Wickedness. Our love goes out to the other victims and their families. We pray for the recovery of those who were wounded, and hold in our hearts the memory of the citizen who was so horribly killed. In this moment, it is more important than ever that we stand United, and show our True Character as Americans, remaining Strong and Determined, and not allowing Evil to Win. I truly love our Country, and love you all, and look forward to speaking to our Great Nation this week from Wisconsin.

The message reinforced the visual one he sent to the world the day before, when he stood up after the assassination attempt, pumped his fist and yelled, “Fight!” (Read more from “Trump: ‘It Was God Alone Who Prevented the Unthinkable’” HERE)

Billionaire Publicly Endorses Trump Following Assassination Attempt

Billionaire Bill Ackman “formally” endorsed President Trump after his attempted assassination in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

More than 19 million people have viewed Ackman’s endorsement post since it went out late Saturday night.

“I came to this decision some time ago as many @X followers have already understood from my supportive posts of Trump and my criticisms of @POTUS Biden,” Ackman said. “The reason why I have not yet formally done so is that I want to explain my thinking in detail and address the arguments put forth by others against Trump.”

Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, said it would take a “long-form post” to explain his thinking. He said he did not have the time “nor felt the urgency” to write the post prior to the shooting that took place at a Trump rally that injured the upper part of Trump’s ear, left one rally attendee dead and two spectators critically injured.

Ackman believes the upcoming presidential election is one of the “most consequential” in his lifetime, and says he has spent a few hours recently with Trump. He asked voters to “keep an open mind.” He said a more detailed post explaining his position will come in the future. (Read more from “Billionaire Publicly Endorses Trump Following Assassination Attempt” HERE)

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Senior House Dem: We’re Resigned to a Second Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is alive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and ready for the Republican National Convention, which kicks off on Monday. This event comes off the attempted assassination attempt on the former president in Butler, Pennsylvania, where Mr. Trump escaped death by millimeters. A gunman, Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, took a position on a rooftop with a clear vantage point toward the stage where Trump was addressing supporters. The round clipped Trump’s right ear.

Along with the June 27 debate, where Trump demolished President Joe Biden, this event, albeit a tragic one, might have sealed the deal regarding the election. That feeling is reportedly strong among liberal Democrats on the Hill, where one senior House member said that there is resignation that Donald Trump will be back in the Oval Office come January. Yet, for now, the campaign to oust Biden has all but fizzled in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s attempted assassination in Butler, Pennsylvania (via Axios):

What we’re hearing: A second senior House Democrat told Axios that the Trump shooting has taken some of the heat off because it would “be bad form to make any statements against President Biden.”

Another Biden-skeptical Democrat, asked about lingering questions around the president’s candidacy, told Axios: “I don’t think that’s the focus right now.”

Zoom in: Biden is adopting a similar posture, with his campaign pulling ads in the immediate aftermath of the shooting and the president condemning the shooting and calling Trump personally.

Biden’s visit to Austin, Texas, which was scheduled for Monday, will be postponed, the White House said.

What to watch: Most lawmakers who spoke to Axios said it is too early to say whether the cessation in tensions will last until the Democratic National Convention next month.

But the second senior House Democrat offered one reason for why it might: “We’ve all resigned ourselves to a second Trump presidency.”

(Read more from “Senior House Dem: We’re Resigned to a Second Trump Presidency” HERE)

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Russia Blames Biden Administration for Would-Be Assassination Against Trump

In the aftermath of an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, foreign countries are coming out against the Biden Administration for provoking the attack.

Russia accused the Biden White House of inciting violence by creating an “atmosphere” of opportunity for such an attack.

“We do not believe that the attempt to eliminate and assassinate Trump was organized by the current authorities,” Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “But the atmosphere around candidate Trump … provoked what America is confronting today.”

The Kremlin’s remarks echoed several Republicans who also blamed the Democratic Party for the attack. They claimed that the left’s constant rhetoric of calling Trump a “dictator” and a “threat to Democracy” incited violence.

Peskov criticized the fact that there wasn’t heightened security for the former president given the countless threats he faces, as well as political attempts to take Trump down. (Read more from “Russia Blames Biden Administration for Would-Be Assassination Against Trump” HERE)

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Stunner! Congressman’s Aide Reacts to Assassination Attempt With ‘Get Some Shooting Lessons’

Shortly after a sniper shot at President Trump, injuring him Saturday, the left’s absolute and irrational hatred of President Donald Trump surfaced online.

It was in a statement attributed to a staff member for U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi.

A report at the Gateway Pundit explained Thompson, who is campaigning to try to remove Secret Service protection from President Trump, should the Democrats’ lawfare against him succeed in obtaining certain convictions and penalties, offered “crocodile tears on X” after the failed assassination attempt against Trump Saturday. . .

Her comment appeared to express disappointment that the attacker, now dead, did not aim well enough.

“I don’t condone violence, but please get you some shooting lessons so you don’t miss next time. Oops, that wasn’t me talking,” her statement, quickly removed from online, said. (Read more from “Stunner! Congressman’s Aide Reacts to Assassination Attempt With ‘Get Some Shooting Lessons'” HERE)

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GoFundMe for Trump-Rally Shooting Victims Raises More Than $2 Million in 14 Hours

The GoFundMe campaign raising money for victims of the shooting at former President Donald Trump’s Butler, Pennsylvania, rally raised more than $2 million in 14 hours, according to the fundraising website.

The fundraiser titled “Support For Butler PA Victims – President Trump Authorized” was started by Meredith O’Rourke, the Trump campaign’s national finance director. The campaign raised over $2.4 million by Sunday afternoon, surpassing the $1 million goal, according to the fundraising site.

“President Donald Trump has authorized this account as a place for donations to the supporters and families wounded or killed in today’s brutal and horrific assassination attempt,” the description of the GoFundMe campaign said. “All donations will be directed to these proud Americans as they grieve and recover. May God bless and unite our nation.”

Since the fundraiser started, over 25,000 people have donated, according to the site. Many celebrities have made large donations, with UFC president Dana White donating $50,000, musician Kid Rock donating $50,000, former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy contributing $30,000, and Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro giving $15,000, according to the GoFundMe donation records.

(Read more from “GoFundMe for Trump-Rally Shooting Victims Raises More Than $2 Million in 14 Hours” HERE)