If U.S. Claims of How the Saudi Oil Attack Went down Are True, Then the Failure to Prevent It Is a Huge Embarrassment

By Business Insider. . .The version of events being advanced by US officials, however — that most of the damage was from cruise missiles launched from Iran — raises the embarrassing question of why the US military was unable to do anything about it.

The airspace around Iran and Saudi Arabia is some of the best-defended and most intensively monitored on earth, thanks to the decades-long buildup of US assets there. But on Saturday those defenses failed to prevent what US officials have said were at least 17 separate strikes. . .

One former US Navy officer, who deployed to the Persian Gulf region twice to operate air-defense systems, said it would be nearly impossible for the US not to notice the attack as it happened or attempt to intercept the weapons.

“It’s very hard to imagine a salvo of 17 shots from Iranian territory not being picked up via some land and sea radars,” said the former officer who asked not to be identified discussing US military capabilities in the region. . .

There has been no evidence that US or Saudi radar systems picked up the incoming attack or that either military attempted to intercept the missiles before they struck the facilities. (Read more from “If U.S. Claims of How the Saudi Oil Attack Went down Are True, Then the Failure to Prevent It Is a Huge Embarrassment” HERE)


U.S. Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead of Saudi Strike, Officials Say

By NPR. U.S. surveillance satellites detected Iran readying drones and missiles at launch sites in Iran before Saudi oil facilities were attacked on Saturday, according to two Defense Department officials.

The imagery has not been publicly released. The officials tell NPR that U.S. intelligence views the activity as “circumstantial evidence” that Iran launched the strike from its own soil.

Saudi Aramco has said the attacks on its plants in Abqaiq and Khurais were “a result of terrorist attacks with projectiles.” Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack, but U.S. officials have accused Iran of playing a key role.

Iran has denied any involvement.

The two officials say the U.S. Defense Department has sent a forensic team to Saudi Arabia to examine wreckage of drones and missiles used in the attack. Intelligence experts say the outcome of those examinations could provide “compelling and convincing” evidence that Iran was behind the attack. (Read more from “U.S. Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead of Saudi Strike, Officials Say” HERE)

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Attorneys Knew That Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Qualify for Jail Work Release Where He Allegedly Abused Women

Newly revealed documents show that federal prosecutors told the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that Jeffrey Epstein was not eligible for work release.

The Daily Mail reported that despite a December 2008 letter from then-US Attorney Alex Acosta’s office that said Epstein technically had three felony convictions, which would disqualify him from work release, records show Epstein was released six days a week during the 13-month sentence he served in 2008 after pleading guilty to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution and felony solicitation of prostitution.

Acosta fostered the plea deal that would eventually be seemingly interpreted by the Corrections Division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office to allow Epstein to serve just 13 months from a private cell block at a county jail, instead of federal prison, and obtain work release, despite Acosta’s office arguing against the release portion. The financier also pleaded guilty to just two prostitution charges, though the Daily Mail reports that because one of the charges Epstein plead guilty to was for recommitting an offence, he had three felony convictions.

“I understand Mr. Epstein would be ineligible for participation in the work release program if he committed three violations of F.S.S. 796 within the past five years,” Assistant US Attorney Marie Villafana wrote in a letter sent on December 11, 2008, according to the Daily Mail.

Villafana also reportedly noted that he had created his work release company just days before he was sentenced and that his New York-based attorney doesn’t seem to be an ideal choice to enforce the sheriff’s office guidelines of a supervisor for Epstein’s activity during his release. (Read more from “Attorneys Knew That Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Qualify for Jail Work Release Where He Allegedly Abused Women” HERE)

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Study: Facebook Could Destroy Both Your Mental and Physical Health

Want to stay healthy, both emotionally and physically? Researchers from UC San Diego and Yale have some simple advice for you: Limit the amount of time you spend on Facebook. While this may sound like typical anti-social media crankiness from academia, this time they have some impressive research to back up their case. Holly Shakya, assistant professor at UC San Diego, and Yale professor Nicholas Christakis spent two years following 5,208 adults who are part of a Gallup long-term study. After asking permission, they monitored these subjects’ Facebook use directly from Facebook, rather than asking subjects to report their own use. (People often don’t realize how much time they spend on the social network.) And they checked in with subjects on their emotional and physical well-being, as well as their body-mass index (BMI), three times over the course of two years.

“Overall, our results showed that, while real-world social networks were positively associated with overall well-being, the use of Facebook was negatively associated with overall well-being,” the researchers wrote in a Harvard Business Review article. “These results were particularly strong for mental health; most measures of Facebook use in one year predicted a decrease in mental health in a later year.” Yikes.

Why is too much Facebook bad for your emotional health? Previous research has shown that the social network creates a sort of false peer pressure. Since most people are cautious about posting negative or upsetting experiences on Facebook, the social network creates a misleading environment where everyone seems to be doing better and having more fun than you are. As the researchers put it, “Exposure to the carefully curated images from others’ lives leads to negative self-comparison.” (Read more from “Study: Facebook Could Destroy Both Your Mental and Physical Health” HERE)

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Democrats Hit the Panic Button After Internal Polling Shows Stunning Public Opinion on Impeachment; ‘Nobody in America’ Wants Impeachment

By The Blaze. More moderate Democrats are sounding the alarm after internal polling showed that a vast majority of voters saw the party as having misplaced priorities on impeachment.

Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi of New York took his concerns straight to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and explained his rationale to Politico.

“It’s very frustrating for me — someone coming from a district that was one of the districts that helped get us into the majority — having so much focus on things like impeachment or other issues that are divisive,” he explained. . .

He claims that other freshman Democrats agree with him that the agenda of the party does not match the voters’ concerns. . .

Polling for the Democratic party found that 54 percent of voters said that Democrats were more focused on impeachment than any other policy. But, only 10 percent of voters believed that impeachment should be their focus. (Read more from “Democrats Hit the Panic Button After Internal Polling Shows Stunning Public Opinion on Impeachment” HERE)


Kevin Mccarthy Says ‘Nobody in America’ Wants Impeachment, but Jerry Nadler Is Set on It

By Fox News. The top Republican in the House of Representatives said congressional Democrats are on a quest for an “imaginary” impeachment against the will of the American people.

Instead, lawmakers like House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., have used the prospect of impeaching President Trump to forward their own political ambitions, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., claimed in an interview that can be heard in full Wednesday on the “Fox News Rundown” podcast.

“This is an imaginary impeachment,” he said.

“First, nobody in America wants it — their own polling with Democrats show it… any Democrat running for president doesn’t get asked about it. (Read more from “Kevin Mccarthy Says ‘Nobody in America’ Wants Impeachment, but Jerry Nadler Is Set on It” HERE)

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Homosexuals Convince Amazon to Ban These Books, Ignoring Mein Kampf and Kiddie Porn, While Christians Sit on Their Hands

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi was a warm, compassionate California psychotherapist whose patients have attested to his legacy of rescued marriages, broken bondage and restored personal wholeness.

He wrote books and articles for his professional colleagues, but also a paperback for laymen, which I ordered and read over 20 years ago after I heard about it on a Christian radio program.

His books, all of them, were banned by Amazon on July 2. You can still buy Mein Kampf there. You can still buy just about any book that was ever in print. But Dr. Nicolosi’s works are off-limits, in their entirety, in perpetuity.

This gentle Catholic man, you see, practiced reparative therapy for males with unwanted same-sex erotic attraction. This is different from so-called conversion therapy, which is directed at men who are content with their homosexual identity and behavior.

But that distinction is lost on gay hysterics intolerant of deserters from their ranks. A giddy British Sodomite wrote that he was in tears (of joy) after Amazon complied with his social media campaign and an online petition to remove Nicolosi’s work.

The California therapist’s underlying assumptions about authentic male identity are from Scripture, of course. Gays and their allies refer to these inconvenient Bible verses as “clobber passages.” Is a social media campaign to ban the Clobber Bible in our future?

I wouldn’t bet against it. Are those crickets I hear at the decadent American Library Association, where they’re kicking off Banned Books Week this Sunday? It’s kind of hard to hear over the belch of Drag Queen Story Hour, which is the ALA’s current preoccupation.

What a travesty that the ALA has voluntarily trivialized its role as a guardian of intellectual freedom and unrestricted access to controversial information. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably more fun than grinding out a stubborn defense of unpopular speech and scholarship, but the ALA is abdicating something very precious here.

Nicolosi died at 70 two years ago. He was a principled, methodical fighter for his patients’ right to see themselves clearly and to make the changes they yearned for, without consulting intrusive political gays and gay allies.

But he wasn’t a brawler. Perhaps it’s merciful that he didn’t live to see 2019. But we’re here. And we may have to choose between brawling and surrender. Shame on us if we’re unwilling to fight for our grandchildren.

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Liberal Media Tries to Show Public Support for Gun Control — and Fails Spectacularly at It

Progressive cable news channel MSNBC posted an online poll to try to measure support for gun control, but they were likely disappointed with the overwhelming result.

The poll showed that 93 percent of respondents supported the right of citizens to carry guns in public.

Only 4 percent who responded to the decidedly unscientific poll said they were opposed to people carrying guns in public.

Another 2 percent responded that people should be allowed to carry guns in public, but only for self defense.

The poll on the MSNBC website garnered more than 633k votes, the vast majority of which were in support of gun rights. (Read more from “Liberal Media Tries to Show Public Support for Gun Control — and Fails Spectacularly at It” HERE)

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Johns Hopkins Professor Issues Dire Warning on Child Transgender Trend

A psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University has slammed the medical and psychiatric industries for what he says is reckless and irresponsible treatment of patients who claim to be transgender.

Paul McHugh, a renowned psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University, told The College Fix he believes transgender people are being experimented on because the doctors treating transgender patients with hormones “don’t have evidence that (the treatment) will be the right one.” He also criticized the manner of treatment given to many children who claim to be transgender.

“Many people are doing what amounts to an experiment on these young people without telling them it’s an experiment,” he told The Fix via phone.

“You need evidence for that and this is a very serious treatment. It is comparable to doing frontal lobotomies.” . . .

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that 80 percent of gender minority students report having mental health problems, nearly double the rate of “cisgender” students. McHugh believes that in many cases the patient’s gender dysphoria is precipitated by mental illness. (Read more from “Johns Hopkins Professor Issues Dire Warning on Child Transgender Trend” HERE)

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Previously Deported MS-13 Member Arrested in Alleged Kidnapping; Progressives Attack ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program

By Breitbart. A previously deported MS-13 gang member in the U.S. illegally was arrested and charged with allegedly kidnapping a Tennessee high school student and beating him because he refused to join the gang.

A student at Glencliff High School told officers that suspected MS-13 gang member Franklin Jefferson Pineda-Caceres, 18, showed up at his high school with two other men before they forced him into a vehicle, according to a report from WKRN. . .

Officials then charged Pineda-Caceres on Monday with one count of aggravated kidnapping, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle), four counts of possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, and one count of violating immigration law, according to Fox 17 Nashville.

Tennessee federal prosecutors also charged Pineda-Caceres on Tuesday with illegal re-entry. He first crossed the border into the U.S. illegally in 2014 and was deported in May 2018 after committing several drug-related crimes in 2017. (Read more from “Previously Deported MS-13 Member Arrested in Alleged Kidnapping” HERE)


Progressives Attack ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Migrants

By Breitbart. Top leaders from the Department of Homeland Security are showcasing the new border courtrooms created to handle asylum claims by more than 40,000 migrants who were sent back to Mexico, as pro-migration groups step up their campaign to block the successful program.

The progressives are showcasing critical media claims about migrants who say they are suffering in Mexican towns while waiting for their asylum hearings in U.S. courtrooms. The media campaign is intended to persuade federal judges in California to shut the MPP program down and so reopen the border to a massive infusion of poor migrants into the jobs, housing, and schools needed by blue-collar Americans and their children.

The MPP program has sent more than 40,000 migrants back into Mexico until U.S. officials are ready to hear their legal claims for asylum. The returns mean that migrants cannot get released into the United States to get jobs while they wait two or more years for a courtroom hearing in the United States.

The program is having a big impact on the economic incentive for migration. The migrants need U.S. jobs to pay their smuggling bills to the cartel-affiliated coyotes. But the MPP program means they cannot get U.S. jobs while waiting in Mexico. That economic loss effectively removes the incentive for them to migrate, and it also damages the economic engine of the cartels’ labor trafficking business. (Read more from “Progressives Attack ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program for Migrants” HERE)

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Kavanaugh’s ‘Mystery’ Accuser Is Former Clinton Lawyer, Obama Donor

Max Stier, the man behind a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was not only a former classmate of Kavanaugh’s at Yale but also a foe during the Bill Clinton impeachment trial.

Stier, 53, served on the team defending Clinton, while Kavanaugh served on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s team that was investigating Clinton. . .

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted in a piece that during those proceedings Stier had “worked closely with David Kendall,” who would later defend Hillary Clinton against allegations of illegally handling classified information.

Stier once worked for a Republican congressman decades ago — Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) in 1982, but he would later donate to Democrats. He donated $250 to the Democratic National Committee in 2000 while he worked at Housing and Urban Development, and then donated about $1,000 to former President Barack Obama in 2007 and 2008, according to the Federal Election Commission website. . .

Since President Trump’s tenure, Stier has been careful not to criticize Trump, although he has in several interviews disparaged the notion of the “Deep State” and defended federal employees as hardworking public servants. (Read more from “Kavanaugh’s ‘Mystery’ Accuser Is Former Clinton Lawyer, Obama Donor” HERE)

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WATCH: Former Trump Campaign Manager Slams Dems Over Impeachment Attempts

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski took the Democrats to school today. Trump impeachment theater is now a full production. Okay—ever since the Democrat retook the House, impeachment theater has been in production, but now it’s official. Lewandowski was yanked before the House Judiciary Committee via subpoena and gave the Left a run for its money. He slapped down the nonsense hurled at him regarding the Trump-Russia myth. He wasn’t going to play by their rules because he doesn’t need to accept those parameters. This is a witch hunt. It’s political theater. So, have fun—and he did (via Fox News):

Lewandowski visibly frustrated committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., during the Democrat’s first question – when the witness, in an apparent effort to stall for time, repeatedly asked Nadler to point to the specific section in the Robert Mueller report related to his question. Lewandowski was following White House orders not to discuss confidential conversations with the president beyond what was already public in the former special counsel’s report.


“He’s filibustering,” a frustrated Nadler said. . .

Lewandowski appeared to mock California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s unsuccessful bid for the White House earlier this year, calling him “President Swalwell” at one point during questioning.

(Read more from “Former Trump Campaign Manager Slams Dems Over Impeachment Attempts” HERE)

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