Medical Internship Program Under Fire for Rejecting Anyone Who Doesn’t ‘Identify’ as Black

A medical internship program is under fire for allegedly racially discriminating against otherwise qualified applicants, requiring that applicants must “identify” as black or African American.

Do No Harm filed a complaint on behalf of a member on Thursday requesting the federal government investigate an internship offered by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). The anonymous member was qualified academically and met all other requirements but was rejected because of his race.

The complaint was filed to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against ARM for their internship program, GROW. The program offers paid opportunities in regenerative medicine for black undergraduate and graduate students, the website states.

“Once you sacrifice the opportunity to take a more qualified person for a less qualified person simply because of the way they look, you’ve sacrificed the opportunity to really do the best research,” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Do No Harm board chair, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“We just want them to do the right thing,” Goldfarb said. “We want them to obey the law, and we want them to deal with people based on their individual merit and not based on their racial and immutable characteristics.”

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Trump’s Triumph at the RNC Suggests Something Bigger Than Politics is Unfolding in America

It’s difficult to describe historical moments as they’re unfolding, but let me hazard a few initial observations about former President Donald Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night.

Watching a presidential candidate (and former president) describe his near-assassination less than a week after a bullet came within millimeters of ending his life is quite simply the most captivating, awe-inspiring thing that has ever happened at a political convention in this country.

“I will tell you exactly what happened, and you’ll never hear it from me a second time because it’s actually too painful to tell,” Trump said.

In a calm, almost somber tone, Trump recounted in detail his near-death experience to a breathless watching world. “I’m not supposed to be here,” he said, attributing his survival to “the grace of Almighty God.” Many in attendance, and not a few watching at home, were in tears as Trump told his tale. He described getting shot in the ear, the blood running down his face, and the Secret Service agents shielding him. Again he invoked divine providence: “There was blood pouring, and yet, in a certain way, I felt very safe because I had God on my side.”

Then he described the crowd’s reaction: They didn’t run, they didn’t stampede. They were worried about him, Trump said, afraid he might be badly wounded — or worse. Trump said he wanted to show them he was all right, that he wasn’t going anywhere. So he stood up, raised his fist, and shouted, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” When he said this, the crowd at the convention echoed him in chorus.

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Report: Trump Rally Assassin Hid Gun on Site Before the Event

The gunman who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump on Saturday hid the firearm before the deadly shooting spree, a source with the Secret Service told Fox News on Thursday.

“It was not immediately clear where he hid it, however. By the time agents spotted him on the roof, he was already holding it,” the network reported. “‘We went from golf range finder to AR-15, and now we have to fill in the gap,’ the source told Fox News.”

The shooter was able to fire off multiple rounds, killing one and injuring two others in the crowd. The bullet struck Trump’s ear, after a split-second tilt of his head saved his brain from a direct hit.

The head of the Secret Service has remained defiant amid calls for her resignation after the agency’s many security failures culminated in the near-death of the Republican presidential nominee. . .

Cheatle placed the blame on local law enforcement, who she said were responsible for the security of the building from which the gunman fired. Three counter-snipers were stationed inside the building while the shooter was able to aim clearly at the former president’s head from the roof. (Read more from “Report: Trump Rally Assassin Hid Gun on Site Before the Event” HERE)

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Blue Wave: Number of Democrats Calling on Biden to Grow Up to 30

President Joe Biden is facing calls to end his reelection bid from a growing number of prominent Democrats after his debate performance raised serious questions about the 81-year-old’s mental fitness.

The president and his campaign remain defiant and are pressing ahead, but an avalanche of calls to step aside and let someone such as Vice President Kamala Harris be the Democratic nominee could change that calculus. . .

Reps. Betty McCollum (D-MN) and Kathy Castor (D-FL)

McCollum and Castor, called on President Joe Biden to step aside and pass the torch — to Vice President Kamala Harris.

McCollum endorsed Harris as Biden’s successor and encouraged Democrats to select Gov. Tim Waltz (D-MN) as her running mate. (Read more from “Blue Wave: Number of Democrats Calling on Biden to Grow Up to 30” HERE)

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Democratic Rep.: Biden Recently ‘Didn’t Seem to Recognize’ Me

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) has candidly addressed concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities, recounting a troubling personal encounter during an overseas trip that has raised alarms among U.S. allies.

Moulton, a longtime admirer and mentee of Biden, revealed a disconcerting moment at a small gathering in Normandy, France, during the 80th anniversary of D-Day. He described how Biden, whom he had known as a friend and mentor, appeared not to recognize him for the first time. This incident, as Moulton observed, was more than just a fleeting lapse; it signified a deeper issue that has become increasingly apparent.

“While it’s natural for memory to falter with age, what I witnessed in Normandy and what I saw during recent public appearances has deepened my concerns,” Moulton wrote.

The episode in Normandy is not an isolated event. It is part of a broader narrative unfolding since Biden took office, with critics pointing to instances of forgetfulness and verbal missteps during public engagements. These incidents have sparked debate over whether Biden, at 81, is fit to seek re-election and continue serving as commander in chief.

“President Biden has been a friend and mentor to me for many years,” Moulton acknowledged. “But we owe it to the American people to have an honest conversation about leadership and the challenges our country faces.”

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Iranian Leader’s ‘Revenge’ Threat Against Trump Comes Into Sharp Focus

On Jan. 22, 2021, Ali Khamenei, the religious dictator of Iran, posted a photo on his official website of President Donald Trump on a golf course with the bold caption: “Revenge is inevitable.”

Two years later, on Feb. 25, 2023, Brigadier Gen. Hossein Hajizadeh, commander of the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, listed on the U.S. terror blacklist, stated: “God willing, we will be able to kill Trump and Pompeo. That night (during the missile attack on the Ain al-Assad base in Iraq), we could have killed a thousand Americans if we had wanted to, but they were just soldiers, and it would not have mattered. However, Trump, Pompeo, and McKenzie need to be killed,” as reported by the Tasnim News Agency, Iran’s semi-official news agency associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Ahmad Hamzeh, a member of parliament, announced during a public session of the parliament that “on behalf of the people of Kerman, we offer a three-million-dollar cash reward to anyone who kills Trump,” reported the semi-official ISNA news agency on Jan. 21, 2020.

After a 2022 assassination attempt in New York on novelist Salman Rushdie – the longtime object of Iranian assassination threats and fatwas going back to the 1988 publication of his book “The Satanic Verses” – the Kayhan newspaper, which publishes Ali Khamenei’s positions, noted that “taking revenge on the perpetrators and criminals on American soil is not difficult and after this [attempted assassination of Rushdie], Trump and Pompeo will feel more threatened.” Many other threats have been made against Trump by the highest officials of the Iranian regime, speaking of severe revenge for Trump’s killing of Qasem Soleimani, a key architect of terrorism in the Middle East.

Before the failed assassination attempt on Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former vice president of the European Parliament and president of the International Committee in Search of Justice on Nov. 9, 2023, the theocratic regime of Iran had placed him on the foreign ministry’s sanctions list. Immediately after the attempt on his life, and before being transferred to the hospital while unable to speak due to a bullet hitting his lower jaw, he communicated with the police by writing on his cellphone that his only enemy was the Iranian regime. Subsequent investigations showed that the mastermind of this crime was indeed traceable back to Iran. The fugitive criminal had been hired to assassinate Vidal-Quadras. (Read more from “Iranian Leader’s ‘Revenge’ Threat Against Trump Comes Into Sharp Focus” HERE)

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Trump Shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks’ Last Online Search Was for Porn

Failed Donald Trump assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks’ final online search before the Pennsylvania rally shooting last weekend was for pornography, according to a report.

Crooks’ last search was found when the FBI gained access to the 20-year-old’s encrypted Samsung phone, a senior law enforcement official told the Daily Beast.

Initial attempts to bust into the Android device at the Pittsburgh field office failed, and the phone had to be flown to Quantico for agents to take a look at it, the source explained.

The only other recent activity the FBI found on the phone was texts from Crooks’ parents asking where he was. . .

Crooks’ parents apparently believed their son had taken one of his father’s AR-15 rifles and gone to a local shooting range. (Read more from “Trump Shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks’ Last Online Search Was for Porn” HERE)

Poll: Trump’s Lead Over Biden Widens as America Seeks Stability

Former President Donald J. Trump has surged ahead of President Joe Biden in recent national polling. According to a newly released survey, 52 percent of registered voters expressed their intention to vote for Trump if the election were held today. This marks a significant increase from earlier figures, showcasing a clear trend in public sentiment.

Just weeks ago, a CBS News poll had already shown Trump with a solid lead at 50 percent, while Biden lagged behind at 48 percent. Now, with a five-point increase in Trump’s favorability, it is evident that the American people are increasingly turning to the proven leadership of the former president.

The poll also delved into the aftermath of a shocking assassination attempt on Trump during a rally in Pennsylvania. Despite the brazen attack, a notable 26 percent of voters indicated that they were now more inclined to support Trump. This reflects a growing admiration for his resilience and a recognition of his unwavering commitment to the American people.

Moreover, a majority of respondents acknowledged Trump’s efforts to promote national unity following the harrowing incident. Fifty-four percent affirmed that Trump has actively pushed for greater cohesion, while only 46 percent believed otherwise. This demonstrates Trump’s steadfast dedication to healing the nation’s divisions, even amidst personal adversity.

The recent surge in Trump’s popularity reflects a broader sentiment among voters who are increasingly disillusioned with the current administration’s policies. From economic woes to foreign policy mishaps, the Biden administration’s failures have underscored the need for a return to strong, decisive leadership.

As the nation looks ahead to the next election cycle, one thing remains abundantly clear: the American people yearn for stability, security, and a leader who will put their interests first.

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CIA Says It Gave False Information to Congress About ‘Spies Who Lie’

The CIA said Thursday it gave false information to Congress about the “Spies Who Lie” who suggested incriminating documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation.

In the stunning twist that’s heightening congressional doubts about the impartiality and reliability of America’s premier spy agency, the CIA said in a letter acquired by The Post that former agency acting director Michael Morell was not a contractor at the time he organized the October 2020 laptop statement.

That contradicted the agency’s previous testimony to Congress that he was under contract.

“This mistake was based on a misreading of the contract documentation,” Robert Dugas, CIA deputy general counsel of litigations and investigations, wrote in a Wednesday letter to Morell’s lawyers, which the CIA acknowledged to The Post Thursday. . .

The walk-back stoked outrage among House Republicans, who published the agency-provided information last month. (Read more from “CIA Says It Gave False Information to Congress About ‘Spies Who Lie’” HERE)

Biden’s Team Deliberately Kneecapped Trump’s Security to Allow an Assassination Attempt

Nobody wants to hear this because of the implications, but oh well, because it needs to be said: Joe Biden’s security regime deliberately and with malice aforethought created the conditions that led to an attempted assassin shooting Donald Trump in the head. It is by the grace of God that he lived and our nation is not currently in the midst of a violent civil war.

They deliberately starved Trump’s security team of the resources it needed. And they did it repeatedly, over many weeks and months.

With Trump’s security detail understaffed, under-resourced, and stretched to its limits, Biden’s security regime reportedly diverted even more resources to a hastily planned Jill Biden event that just happened to be in the area.

Biden’s security regime then ordered the most obvious assassination perch in the entire area to remain outside the main security perimeter.

Furthermore, Biden’s Secret Service director ordered law enforcement and counter-snipers OFF the roof the assassin used. (Read more from “Biden’s Team Deliberately Kneecapped Trump’s Security to Allow an Assassination Attempt” HERE)

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