Where’s The “Science Story of the Century?”

Is it the “Science Story of the Century” or the best kept American media secret of the year? Just-announced heavyweight new studies from the U.S. National Solar Observatory tell us to expect a long quiet period for the sun—and decades of cooler global temperatures.

The Register in London headlined, “Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade . . . which could mean that the Earth—far from facing a global warming problem—is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.”

Solar scientists are saying that as the sun goes quiet, the earth gets colder. Bloggers note that the Sporer (1460–1550), and the Maunder (1645–1715) sunspot minimums coincided with the two coldest spasms of the Little Ice Age. The Dalton Minimum (1790-1830) also produced colder temperatures.

The American media, however, would rather not encourage the public to expect cooling that would contradict the man-made warming scenario. After all, the 2012 election is coming soon, and President Obama is publicly committed to making energy prices “skyrocket” to “save the planet.” A long cooling trend now would tell us that all the billions spent subsidizing wind turbines, solar cells, and rare-earth lithium batteries represent a colossal waste—as the CO2 levels continue to rise with Asia’s economic growth.

Science correspondent Richard Kerr was very calm:  “Things may be about to get very dull on the sun. Three different measurements of solar activity, reported by scientists at a press conference today, suggest that the next 11-year solar cycle well be far quieter than the current one. . . . If the reported trends continue—a big if, other researchers note—a hibernating sun would have only a slight cooling effect on the climate.” Translation: “Move on, folks, no story here.”

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White House loosens border rules for 2012

President Barack Obama’s administration is quietly offering a quasi-amnesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants aiming to win reelection by mobilizing a wave of new Hispanic voters without alienating the populous at large, say supporters of stronger immigration law enforcement.

The new rules were quietly announced Friday with a new memo from top officials at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. The “prosecutorial discretion” memo says officials need not enforce immigration laws if illegal immigrants are enrolled in an education center or if their relatives have volunteered for the US military.

“They’re pushing the [immigration] agents to be even more lax, to go further in not enforcing the law,” said Kris Kobach, Kansas’ secretary of state. “At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and looking for work, this is more bad news coming from the Obama administration… [if the administration] really cared about putting Americans back to work, it would be vigorously enforcing the law,” he said.

“We think it is an excellent step,” said Laura Vasquez, at the Hispanic-advocacy group, La Raza, which pushed for the policies, and which is working with other groups to register Hispanics to vote in 2012. “What’s very important is how the prosecutorial discretion memo is implemented” on the streets, she said.

The Hispanic vote could be crucial in the 2012 election, because the Obama campaign hopes to offset its declining poll ratings by registering new Hispanic voters in crucial swing states, such as Virginia and North Carolina.

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Death of the Duopoly

Nothing in American life today seems as archaic, ubiquitous and immovable as the Republican and Democratic parties.

The two 19th-century political groupings divide up the spoils of a combined $6.4 trillion that is extracted eachyear from taxpayers at the federal, state, county and municipal levels. Though rhetorically and theoretically atodds with one another, the two parties have managed to create a mostly unbroken set of policies andgovernance structures that benefit well-connected groups at the expense of the individual.

Americans have watched, with a growing sense of alarm and alienation, as first a Republican administration andthen its Democratic successor have flouted public opinion by bailing out banks, nationalizing the auto industry,expanding war in Central Asia, throwing yet more good money after bad to keep housing prices artificially high,and prosecuting a drug war that no one outside the federal government pretends is comprehensible, let alonewinnable. It is easy to look upon this well-worn rut of political affairs and despair.

And Americans are, in increasing numbers. Perhaps the mostimportant long-term trend in U.S. politics is the four-decade leak in market share by the country’s two dominant parties. In
1970, the Harris Poll asked Americans, “Regardless of how youmay vote, what do you usually consider yourself—a Republican, a Democrat, an independent or some otherparty?”

Fully 49% of respondents chose Democrat, and 31% calledthemselves Republicans. Those figures are now 35% forDemocrats and 28% for Republicans. While the numbers havefluctuated over the years, the only real growth market in politics is voters who decline affiliation, withindependents increasing from 20% of respondents to 28%.

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Short debt limit hike possible: McConnell

Congress and the White House could raise the debt limit for a few months while they seek a comprehensive, long-term budget deal, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Sunday.

The Obama administration has warned it will run out of money to pay the nation’s bills if Congress does not raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit by August 2 — a prospect that could push the country back into recession and upend global financial markets.

Congressional Republicans, particularly in the House of Representatives, have balked at raising the debt ceiling unless it is accompanied by significant spending cuts.

McConnell said on Sunday the ceiling could be raised enough to last a few months so that negotiations can continue on a larger deal that would include changes to so-called entitlement programs like Medicare.

“The president and the vice president, everybody knows you have to tackle entitlement reform,” McConnell said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

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L.A. Times Attacks Palin Because She Isn’t a Thief, Liar, Pervert or Criminal

Anyone not convinced of the abject terror Sarah Palin instills in members of the American media needs only read the brief, L.A. Times reflection on the former Governor’s released emails.

A number of media outlets filed Freedom of Information Requests demanding the release of Governor Palin’s emails upon her acceptance of John McCain’s VP offer in 2008. The fact that these self-proclaimed guardians of liberty have yet to exhibit the slightest interest in the murky, personal and political histories of the President or the workings of the Obama White House…well, no doubt there is a very good reason.

Imagine the giddy, Christmas morning type expectations of drooling journalists when 24,000 pages of Sarah’s most intimate, previously private correspondence were dumped on a desk in Juneau by Alaska State officials last Friday.

So certain were these Sherlocks of the airwaves that they finally held the key to Palin’s ultimate destruction, a number of media moguls even advertised for help from viewers/readers to wade through the mass of paper.

But in the end, liberal heads exploded in frustration as Sarah Palin was discovered to be an honest, hard working Governor. No schemes, no criminal enterprises, no racist tendencies, no theft nor lies, no perverse photo attachments or clandestine trysts.

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Tea Party Caucus Leads GOP Charge Against Budget Crisis

The 2010 landslide election saw a revitalized Republican Party win 64 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives on a platform that rejected the fiscal policies of the Democratically controlled 111th Congress.  One attention-grabbing key to this success was a new political force: the Tea Party.

More than a few pundits were skeptical about how this force would play out when it became institutionalized in the new Congress as the “Tea Party Caucus.”  David Kurtz, writing for Talking Points Memo, called it “no small irony” that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.) would form such an “insidery and cocooned” thing as a caucus in connection with a “supposedly grassroots, spontaneous, and defiantly outsidery … movement.”  Juan Williams of Fox News wrote off the caucus for a different reason, noting that “Tea Party freshmen are all about talk radio rhetoric, campaign slogans and reveling in the widespread discontent with American politics.  They have yet to display any capacity to govern.”

Have any of these criticisms proven true?  Thanks to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s BillTally “100 Day Report” on Congress, we now have numbers, not just words, to assess what has happened in the House since January and examine the validity of these concerns.

Since 1991, BillTally has analyzed the fiscal impact of every proposed piece of legislation.  The system then matches up legislation with sponsorship records for every lawmaker, showing what would happen to the federal budget if all bills supported by a given member of Congress—regardless of floor votes—instantly became law.  Thus, BillTally offers a unique, by-the-numbers look at Congress’ agenda.

After 100 days, BillTally results show the average Republican would cut a net of $63 billion from the budget and the average Democrat would actually increase the budget by $6.3 billion.  Both are sharp reversals from the same time in 2009, when the typical House GOPer was not backing a net agenda to cut spending, while the average Democrat was backing a much bigger boost in the budget.

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Romney is What’s Wrong With the Republican Party

Reading Al Gore’s comments on Mitt Romney we were reminded of all of the reason’s we don’t trust the man: “Good for Mitt Romney though we’ve long passed the point where weak lip-service is enough on the Climate Crisis. While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party.

The so-called science of global warming is more media hype and Wall Street attempts to profit on trading carbon credits than it is real science. The scientific community is split on the topic with some climatologist predicting a new mini ice age. Mitt Romney’s gullibility on this issue helps us understand why he has been so wrong on most of the vital issue of the last decade.

Romney is often trumpeted by his supporters as having business experience and they love to site this record of taking Massachusetts from a three billion dollar deficit to a one billion dollar surplus. But the cost of his balanced budgets was tough on business. Peter Nicholas, founder of Boston Scientific Corporation, stated it this way: tax rates on many corporations almost doubled because of legislation supported by Romney. Romney’s tax policies were not helpful for many small businesses, when Romney took many IRS subchapter S businesses in Massachusetts and almost doubled their tax rates; it was an important disincentive to investment, growth and job creation.

The Cato Institute reports as Governor, Romney opposed $140 million in business tax hikes through the closing of loopholes in the tax code. This led to Joseph Crosby of the Council on State Taxation to say, Romney went further than any other governor in trying to wring money out of corporations.

Romney raised taxes on business by a total of $309 million. He increased taxes on business property. He then tried to raise taxes on hotels, but was stopped by the Democrat legislature. Romney at the time joined a coalition lobbying congress to tax internet activity, and he even supported a tax on out of state commuters.

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Rick Perry’s Moment

Success in national politics almost always comes down to timing.

Running for president is a deeply personal decision, because it requires unparalleled discipline and endurance, a wildly unreasonable invasion of privacy, and, as Gov. Haley Barbour (R., Miss.) has pointed out, a willingness to make a ten-year personal and family commitment.

The Republican primary field is mostly complete, but it leaves many on the right wanting. They believe it does not contain the next Ronald Reagan, the kind of candidate who can directly attack the policies of President Obama while uniting the conservative movement.

Texas governor Rick Perry has a golden opportunity to fill the vacuum. He did not envision being in the position that he finds himself in now — no one could have. The dominoes had to fall in a certain way, in a certain order.

Many candidates who could have filled the hole in the current field passed, for their own reasons. Governor Barbour would have been the southern candidate with significant financial backing. Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.) would have been the social conservative with Reagan-like communication abilities. Sen. John Thune (S.D.) would have been a next-generation candidate in the vein of Obama. Gov. Mitch Daniels (Ind.) would have been the serious candidate laser-focused on the debt.

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Weiner’s In-Laws and the Secret Muslim Brotherhood Connections Revealed

Was Huma Abedin, the wife of Anthony Weiner and the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton, unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Is it possible she does not know that her brother is tied to the Brotherhood’s radical leadership? Did Western media miss what has been revealed in several Arab newspapers, which has remained secret in American government circles?

Al-Liwa Al-Arabi (translated here) claims to have leaked an extensive list of members of the Brotherhood’s secret women’s division, which is known alternately as the Muslim Sisterhood or the International Women’s Organization (IWO). This detailed list was partially published by Al Jazeera and several other major Arab newspapers. And it included Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin.

Egypt’s Al-Dostor revealed that the Sisterhood included 63 International members that span 16 different countries; it’s also confirmed by the Arab Centre for Research and Studies, headed by researcher Abdul Rahim Ali.

Neither Huma nor any major Western media outlet even mention what is common knowledge in the Arab world. Yet, Arab sources have confirmed that Huma Abedin has a brother named Hassan Abedin who works at Oxford University. Oxford University, which has long been infiltrated by Islamists who founded the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS), lists Huma’s brother as a fellow and partners with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board, including al-Qaeda associate Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi; both have been listed as OCIS Trustees. Naseef continues to serve as Board Chairman.

In 2009, Qaradawi’s role within Oxford and the Muslim Brotherhood was championed by the notorious Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi of Al-Nahda – a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate now active in Tunisia. OCIS has even presented an award for great scholarly achievement to Brotherhood member Shaykh Abd Al-Fattah Abu Gudda, whose personal history goes back to the Brotherhood’s founder, Hasan al-Banna.

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Fearing Sarah Palin

Two words, seemingly harmless until recently. Palin had no meaning at all before 2008. Not so, today.

Today, those same words strike fear and hatred into the hearts of the Main Stream Media, progressive liberals, and America’s enemies around the world.

Why? What is it about Sarah Palin that makes them so crazy? How can they continue to attack when they themselves have been proven wrong by her, over and over, and the country as a whole recognizes the stupidity and inherent misogynistic unfairness of their desperate attacks against her and her family?

It’s easy. It is the same virulent bias the left attacks any black person with, if they should become successful without government handouts, or, gasp, become a conservative.

They hate her because she does not need them, period. They need her, and that offends them. They think it is up to them to direct the path of politicians and the country as a whole. They will decide the issues, and to whom we should listen and for whom we should vote.

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