Joe Miller, Schaeffer Cox, and the FBI Informant who handcuffed Tony Hopfinger

With the conviction and sentencing of Fairbanks Militia Leader Schaeffer Cox several days ago, the left leaning media organizations have again resurrected speculation about Joe Miller’s connections to not only Mr. Cox but also to the federal informant who was largely responsible for Cox’s demise, Bill Fulton.

Joe’s spokesman reports that in the last two days he’s fielded contacts about this from reporters associated with the leftwing Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, and Salon.

These extremely biased outlets should have directed their inquiries to me. I’ve known Joe Miller for ten years. I’ve gone on a medical mission trip to a communist-controlled island in the Philippines with Joe. And, in interest of full disclosure, I’m a longtime business partner and friend of Joe’s.

So it should come as no surprise that I’ve been closely involved with Joe’s political activities. From his first legislative run in 2004, to his 2008 attempt to rid the Alaskan Republican Party of Randy Ruedrich, through his 2010 U.S. Senate run, I worked with Joe to effect political change.

Joe’s 2008 effort to unseat the Republican Party Chair and replace him with a conservative took place about a year and a half after Sarah Palin was elected governor of the State of Alaska. As one of Alaska’s six Republican Party regional chairs, Joe was one of the few Republican Party officials to genuinely support Sarah Palin in her run for Governor. Governor Palin and Joe maintained contact after this and jointly shared the goal of reforming the Alaska Republican Party.

In 2008, I suggested to Joe that he make an attempt to remove Randy Ruedrich as chair of the ARP during the state convention that year. We knew that the effort would be challenging as removal would require a vote of two-thirds of the delegates at the state convention.

Joe went for it and, in his typical fashion, devoted 110% of his energies toward the effort. He contacted the Governor and secured her support. We then sent out mailers and contacted delegates throughout the state.

Upon arrival in Anchorage, we suspected we had a majority of the support of the delegates but were unsure if we had the necessary two-thirds to remove Ruedrich. So the effort continued on the ground.

I invited Schaeffer Cox to several meetings that Joe Miller, Bill Fulton, and many others attended during the convention. Unlike Joe, I had met Schaeffer previously and knew he was helping organize the Ron Paul supporters going to the convention. Schaeffer was about my age and, like me, was involved in construction. He had no known connections to any militia groups and, at the time, was new to politics.

Neither Joe nor I, however, knew anything about Bill Fulton prior to the 2008 state convention. He was a delegate there and sought out Joe directly. He expressed grave dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Alaska Republican Party and volunteered to help in the effort to organize other delegates who were opposed to Ruedrich. As I recall, he attended virtually every meeting the anti-Ruedrich faction had during that convention.

While we were working to organize and convince delegates, a number of troubling things happened to our volunteers. One, Joe’s former clerk from his U.S. Magistrate Judgeship days, had the lugnuts on her vehicle loosened while parked outside the convention and, had she not noticed this prior to driving away, could have been severely injured. We also discovered that private investigators had been employed against the delegates that were leading the efforts against Ruedrich.

Fulton sprang to action. He immediately insisted that he provide security to the core volunteers who were working to unseat Ruedrich. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He represented that he owned a security firm and knew the ropes of a security operation. So he, and other delegates that were associated with his firm, started to watch volunteer’s vehicles and keep an eye out for other shenanigans.

After the convention ended, Cox decided to run for the legislature. He made an impressive showing in the primary against an incumbent legislator, winning over 36% of the vote in a three-way race.

Joe had a few conversations with Schaeffer at the convention and during Schaeffer’s campaign but after Cox lost his election to the State House, Cox started going radical. Joe had nothing to do with him at this point, presciently warning a number of us, including me, that Cox was headed down a self-destructive path.

Fast forward to 2010. Bill Fulton hit the political scene again, not only as a delegate to the 2010 Republican convention, but also as the campaign manager for Lieutenant Governor-candidate Eddie Burke. After Burke lost the Republican primary, Fulton made a bee-line for Joe Miller again, as early as the evening of primary night, August 24, 2010. He also followed Joe around at the Glenn Beck event the next month.

But it wasn’t until the ill-fated town hall meeting in October that Fulton made his mark on Joe Miller’s senate campaign. One of Joe’s supporters who knew Fulton from the Eddie Burke campaign, called him to provide security as required by the venue’s contract. At the conclusion of the town hall, Tony Hopfinger, who had earlier followed Joe into a restroom, questioning him while Joe was relieving himself, was handcuffed by Fulton after Joe had already left the building.

The handcuffing almost immediately hit the headlines. And, even though Joe had had nothing to do with Fulton’s presence at the town hall and in no way directed or condoned the handcuffing, the damage was done.

Several months later, Schaeffer Cox was indicted by the federal government for his militia activities. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that one of the government’s lead informants in the Cox case was none other than Bill Fulton. It was also discovered that Fulton was working and being paid as the federal government’s confidential informant during the exact same time frame that he was handcuffing blogger Tony Hopfinger at Joe Miller’s event.

I have no idea what makes people like Bill Fulton and Schaeffer Cox tick. But I do know this: Joe Miller has an extreme love for this country and its people and will continue to fight selflessly to restore Liberty.

Too many have become weary in their efforts against increasing regulations and decreasing rights. William Wilberforce did not give up after all his years of failure in Parliament and because of it slavery was abolished in England.

Joe Miller and I believe in a limited government that stays out of the way of its citizens freedoms. I hope you will join the cause of Liberty and support the people who champion her cause.

  • Cadi Palmer

    Joe, it doesn’t change what I think of you as a writer or as a defender of Liberty. Some people just play dirty. Some are crazy. And whenever you stand up for something, you will have half a million idiots writing journalistic nonsense that pleases their left-wing liberal audience. What matters is the track record in the long term…..and if you get attacked publicly a few times by nonsensical journalists, that isn’t even a fly worth swatting at. You are going to get attacked because you are going where the action is. But your life speaks for itself. And please don’t stop writing. We know who to believe.

    • frawgeyz

      I agree Cadi. I love you Joe! God Bless you and may He keep you safe.

  • CSN

    They’re out to tag Joe Miller, so he won’t run for 2014 or 2016. They know he’s a True Son of Liberty as designed in the Constitution, and they’re out to destroy Liberty. The OWG Group is behind all of this, and they want totalitarianism to be the norm. Keep fighting Joe Miller.

  • idagney

    I’m not up to speed on Alaska politics, so this story has some big gaps, however, it seems that there remains a powerful wish on the part of conservatives to “make nice” with liberals and accept their construction and assessment of events relating to so-called right wing or libertarian actions. I am unfamiliar with Schaeffer Cox, but it is by no means a foregone conclusion that someone accused by the Feds of “militia activities” should be considered a criminal. The time is upon us when we must defend the rights of Americans to join militias, to have freedom of association, and to plan to defend the cause of liberty with their life’s blood when necessary. Joe Miller is busy defending himself from MSM attacks that he is too closely aligned with right wing radicals. He doesn’t seem to understand that everyone will need to be a radical as we approach the end game. The question will be, on which side?

    • fatman45

      “it seems that there remains a powerful wish on the part of conservatives to “make nice” with liberals and accept their construction and assessment of events relating to so-called right wing or libertarian actions.”

      Um, it’s not conservatives “making nice” with liberals, it is RINOs who are anything but conservatives! If we don’t get rid of these DemocRATS in sheep’s clothing, and soon, we can forget about our Republic. If it’s not too late already, that is…

  • Watchdogman

    Alaska does have a mean streak in some of its people…Bankers, Insurance people, business owners, not all but some, like to start conversation with the F word, can get in your face vocally and still using the F word…It just showed me what their true make-up was.

  • Let’s see…..Alaskans support people like Joe Miller whom they can trust, or they support the Dems [aka dims] and Murkowski who want to collect their guns. Not hard to figure. Support for Joe Miller is the only right answer. Why would anyone trust people who lie to them over and over and over, etc.? Miller is hated because he tells the truth, which is out of vogue right now.

  • Thank you for setting the record straight. What conclusion can I draw about Fulton?

    It is reasonable to consider that Fulton, as a paid government informant, had an FBI handler who directed him to handcuff the reporter. So a Democratic Administration may have had a part in bringing down A Republican nominee.

    The evidence is slim. In the Huffington Post, Fulton admitted he was really a Democrat who voted for Obama twice. The editor for the Ak Dispatch was an employee of none other than Ms Rubinstein whose husband David founded the Carlyle Group, one of the most influential lobbying groups in DC and closely connected to the White House where David worked for Carter. Maybe the focus should be to finding if Ms Rubinstein played a role in the Fulton affair.

    One thing is clear. This Fulton arrest of a reporter galvanized the press against Joe and the press now owes Joe one hell of a big apology.

  • The press coined the word dirty tricks over Watergate. The Fulton affair is a far dirtier trick. Maybe the full truth will one day come out.

  • One other point. Rubinstein who owned the Dispatch was present when the arrest occured along with two other staff members of the Dispatch. Now why would she be at a Gym unless she knew from Fulton’s tip off that this was going to occur. That her husband worked in the Carter White House and is a big contributor to the Dem Party adds more weight to this idea.

  • Great article Seth. Shaffer’s path and Joe’s were very different. Shaffer was such a nice kid… I still don’t get what circumstances compelled him down the path he went. But he and Joe were DEFINITELY on different roads…they just intersected for a brief time at one state convention.

    We need to ferret out more information about Fulton. Are there other operatives? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    One step further-
    I’m praying for your and family’s protection-Joe–
    and will again support any run you make even though I am not in your state—

  • Dolmance

    I would refer the readers here to the West Point Study just released on domestic terrorism, which found a strong correlation between criminal activity by Right Wing paranoids and recent rabble rousing by Right Wing politicians looking for attention — Shawna Forde in Arizona, slavishly following the likes of Jan Brewer and others and this guy in Alaska, Schaefer Cox, whipped up by the likes of Sarah Palin and, well, Joe Miller, the owner of this blog.

    Halfwits being led by crooks and liars. We see it over and over again. Such a shame.