DNA Tests Reveal Nevada Man Falsely ID’d as Baby Kidnapped in 1964 (+video)

Photo Credit: Facebook

A Nevada man ID’d by the FBI as the baby who disappeared from a Chicago hospital in 1964 has learned that he wasn’t the kidnapped child and is now on a mission to learn his real name and to find out who his birth parents are…

“I don’t know why, but it really started consuming my thoughts, like ‘who am I?’” he told the station. “. . . it really started consuming my thoughts, like ‘who am I?’”

The story begins in Chicago in 1964, when someone reportedly dressed as a nurse walked out the back door of Michael Reese Hospital with a baby boy named Paul Joseph Fronczak. The FBI looked at 10,000 children during a nationwide manhunt to find the child, the station reported.

More than two years later, a baby was found abandoned in a stroller in Newark, N.J. That child was taken to an orphanage and given the name Scott McKinley.
Later, the FBI decided that the McKinley baby was really the Fronczak child taken in Chicago…

A series of DNA tests revealed that he is not the Fronczak baby who was kidnapped in Chicago, and now Paul Fronczak hopes to find the truth about who he really is, including who his biological parents are.

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