Must Watch Video: Radio Hosts Suspended for Encouraging Listeners to Put Up YouTubes Saying, “Muhammad Sucks A**”

Yesterday, two popular radio hosts in northern California encouraged their listeners to “swamp the world” with articles and YouTube’s saying, “Muhammad sucks a**.”

They also suggested that videos be produced suggesting that “Muhammad’s a goat rapist” and that websites be set up with addresses like “” Why? They’re convinced that this will either force the Islamic radicals to “grow up” or we’ll “get it on” and take care of the problem.

The hosts observed that Islam is a religion of submission, not peace. One host said Muslims want to “Set fire to the olive branch.”

They also stated that our “sacred principles,” namely the First Amendment, permit all Americans to “denigrate any damn religion [they] want” and that “if Mitt and his guys don’t jump on this, they aren’t fit to be dog catcher, much less President.”

Finally, they asserted that some of the supposedly offensive videos may have been “made up as an excuse to blow up stuff.”

These comments may have cost the hosts their jobs: