Carson At CPAC: How To Destroy America In 4 Steps (+video)

Photo Credit: Human Events

Dr. Benjamin Carson was a famed neurosurgeon long before he exploded onto the national political stage with a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last month. Now he’s hinting that his medical career might just be followed by a career in politics. He scattered a few teasing hints of such plans through his address to the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, and also looked back at the negative reactions to his National Prayer Breakfast appearance with a mixture of humor and horror.

He noted that some of his critics have asked why a medical doctor would have any business weighing in on economic policy. ”It’s not brain surgery,” he responded with a chuckle, and indeed much of his economic advice is a mixture of common sense (which Carson frequently praises) and the same brand of dispassionate analysis that informs surgical decisions. For example, he observed there’s an awful lot of money floating around beyond America’s borders, and our government could bring it home by “treating businesses as friends, not as enemies” and recognizing they are private enterprises lawfully seeking profit, not welfare agencies. He repeated his comments about truly fair taxation from the National Prayer Breakfast, advocating a low and flat tax system that punishes no one and exempts no one.

What horrifies Carson is the assertion that he had no right to voice his opinions at that February prayer breakfast because he has black skin, and stood in the august presence of King Barack I. He explained that a brain surgeon is well-qualified to give testimony about how people are all the same inside, no matter the color of the skin stretched over their skulls.

As for the propriety of a doctor offering moral and political advice, Carson said this fell under the finest traditions of self-government. ”This is a country that’s for, of, and by the people – not for, of, and by the government. And if we turn it over to them, we cannot complain about what they’re doing… because this is the natural course of men, and we have to hold their feet to the fire.”

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