Marine With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Man From Beating Woman While Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder

Photo Credit: Robert Richardson

Marine With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Man From Beating Woman

By Henry Rosoff. A Marine Corps veteran was able to stop a man early Tuesday, March 12th from nearly kicking a woman to death. It happened near 102nd and Lincoln, and Wisconsin’s concealed carry law made his efforts possible.

Charlie Blackmore was driving home from work at 4:00 a.m. along Lincoln Avenue when he saw something on the sidewalk. Blackmore didn’t realize it was a woman on the ground being kicked in the head and stomach until he got closer.

That’s when he jumped out of his car and sprung into action. “I said ‘stop’ and he starts coming towards me and that`s when I drew on him. He started getting closer and I said ‘get down on the ground,’” Blackmore said.

Blackmore held his gun on the suspect and called West Allis police. He says several times while waiting for police to arrive, the attacker moved toward him.

“I mean I’ve already made it up in mind that if he came at me I was going to have to take him down and I told him that. I warned him multiple times not to come towards me because he was a big guy and I wasn’t playing around and he didn’t seem like he was playing around,” Blackmore said. Read more from this story HERE.

Albertville Police Identify Man Shot By Homeowner

By Robert Richardson. Investigators do not expect charges to be filed against a homeowner who shot and killed a suspected burglar at his home Tuesday evening.

Officers responded to a call about a gunshot wound on Abbott Road just before 9 p.m., and Assistant Chief Jamie Smith said the homeowner made the call to report the shooting.

“We are in the early stages of the investigation, but right now we’re treating it as a burglary and the homeowner defending his property,” Smith said.

Police have identified the burglary suspect as 41-year-old Jamison Lynn Lacey. His last known address was 202 Asbury Road in Albertville.

Investigators will present their findings to a grand jury but don’t expect an indictment “Your home is your castle, you can only retreat so far as your home,” Smith said. Read more from this story HERE.