Captured Suspect Favorited This Tweet: 'The Battle Within is Defined by the Word Jihad.'

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Amid the mundane chatter of an ordinary digital teenager, a Twitter account believed to belong to the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who was captured after eluding authorities on Friday contains some chilling chatter.

The @J_tsar Twitter feed is believed to belong to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, one of two Chechen brothers police say carried out Monday’s terror attack in Boston. Buzzfeed on Friday reported that a high school classmate of Dzhokhar, Stefanie Gardner, confirmed that the account belonged to Tsarnaev.

A tweet Tsarnaev marked as a favorite was apparently sent just hours before the attack, at 1:07 a.m. on Monday, from someone going by “Steezy_Be_Eazy”:

“The ultimate sacrifice is within you, The battle within is defined by the word jihad.”

The last tweet orginating from the account believed to be Tsarnaev’s, on April 16, after the Monday bombing that killed three and left dozens gruesomely injured: “I’m a stress free kind of guy.”

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