Watch: Tennessee Pastor Shares Reaction After Confronting Target Staff About New Transgender Policy

Target_interiorIn the days since Target announced a policy shift allowing shoppers to use the restroom and fitting room that aligns with their gender identity, numerous critics have shared their opposition through such channels as petitions, boycotts and social media rants. A few have gone so far as to carry a recording device to a Target location in an effort to determine the extent of the new corporate attempt at inclusion.

Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tenn., stood in front of a local Target store to share his own research into the matter as well as his response to the company’s stance.

“I didn’t want to just believe everything I’ve heard in the news media the past 48 hours,” he said, “so I walked right through the front doors of our local Target and went to the customer service desk, found a manager and I asked, ‘Can you please help me understand your new bathroom policy?’”

Locke recalled that the employee “shrugged her shoulders and smirked, knowing no doubt this question was coming from others,” and informed him that he was free to use whichever restroom with which he most closely identified.

“I said, ‘Like right now?’” he continued. “She said, ‘Yes sir, whichever bathroom you self-identify with, you are welcome to go and use right now.’”

After Locke engaged the staff member further, he said she told him he could receive additional information by calling Target’s corporate offices. (Read more from “Tennessee Pastor Shares Reaction After Confronting Target Staff About New Transgender Policy” HERE)

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