Newly Released Poll Numbers Suggest Landslide Among One Voting Bloc

With Election Day approaching, voter polls are constantly being considered as the litmus test of how each candidate is faring in their campaign.

A poll among the Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives (SAGE Cons), revealed that most of those polled are concerned with the actions of the current administration.

According to the poll, 82 percent of the SAGE Cons participating in the survey strongly agreed that “corruption is widespread throughout the federal government of the United States,” while an additional 15 percent moderately agree.

As a result of this concern, the percentage of SAGE Con voters who say they will support Republican Donald Trump rather than Democrat Hillary Clinton has risen from 11 percent earlier in the race to 84 percent today.

The majority of those surveyed consider Clinton “a prime example of a corrupt politician,” thus assuring that Trump receives their support.

When asked if the stakes in this election were higher than those of previous elections, 98 percent agreed while 82 percent of those “strongly agreed.”

Asked about the significance of the outcome of this election, 96 percent said they felt it would be significant; 72 percent responded the outcome would make a “big difference” in their lives; 24 percent said it would make some difference; and 4 percent felt the outcome would be insignificant.

While this poll shows the majority of SAGE Cons have chosen to support Trump, it also indicates that they do not expect much from either candidate.

The poll revealed 20 percent felt Trump would do a “great” job as president, while 41 percent said he would do a “good” job. Of those remaining, 26 percent gave Trump a “fair” rating compared to 13 percent who have low expectations of his ability to be president.

One area in which Trump received high marks was the issue of his assertion that the country was at war with ISIS.

Of those asked to respond, 96 percent said they felt the statement was correct.

When asked whether they had liberal friends, 84 percent stated they did but were hesitant to discuss politics with them;
32 percent said they occasionally talk politics with their liberal friends, while only 6 percent said they often do so often.

According to market researcher and pollster George Barna, the election will likely be based on how much emphasis the voters place on the character of their choice for president.

“Mr. Trump is not running a very effective campaign, but he has one major benefit to his advantage: the perceived range and nature of the character flaws of his opponent,” Barna said. “In considering the challenges that both candidates pose, many voters are being forced to ponder how much a leader’s character matters, which character traits matter most, and how to balance character against performance.” (For more from the author of “Newly Released Poll Numbers Suggest Landslide Among One Voting Bloc” please click HERE)

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