Being Hillary’s Running Mate Makes Kaine Feel Like He’s Been ‘Kidnapped’

If anyone has ever wondered what it feels like to run on the presidential ticket with Hillary Clinton, her vice presidential nominee, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has a blunt answer for you.

At the Democratic Party’s campaign field office in Grand Rapids, Mich., Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., asked Kaine, “Well, what is it like?”

Kaine replied, “It feels like I got kidnapped.”

Politico’s Burgess Everett wrote Kaine is usually much more chatty when he’s not being dragged about the U.S. in the Clinton campaign.

“Kaine has been a bit more buttoned-up than his normal self in his first two weeks as Clinton’s running mate.” Everett wrote. “He still lingers at events and talks to supporters, but has said little to the traveling press even while recording interviews with local and national outlets — belying his habit as a senator of holding long gaggles with reporters as he deals with the rigors of the presidential campaign trail.”

But Kaine apparently has no trouble joking around about his new political commitment to stand behind Clinton as the supportive running mate. While visiting a Milwaukee brewery on the campaign trail, Kaine reportedly said, “Friday afternoon at a brewery in Milwaukee — who says campaigning is tough?”

The New York Times reported Clinton’s selection of Kaine had as much to do with his popularity as it did with the fact Virginia is a swing state. Having been the former governor of Virginia was also seen as a positive aspect to his being chosen.

“Tim Kaine is in many ways, a perfect vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton…Kaine is really a passionate social justice liberal with a very moderate demeanor,” says Cheryl Stolberg of the Times. (For more from the author of “Being Hillary’s Running Mate Makes Kaine Feel Like He’s Been ‘Kidnapped'” please click HERE)

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