McDonald’s Employee Accused of Putting Cleaner in Cop’s Drink

A Kansas McDonald’s worker has been charged with one count of aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer for allegedly putting cleaner in a deputy’s drink.

Trevor Hockaday, 22, was charged Wednesday by Allen County police for putting a peroxide-based cleaner usually used to clean the restaurant’s counters in an Allen County Deputy’s drink on September 12.

According to investigators, the deputy picked up the food from the McDonald’s drive-thru while Hockaday was working. Officials say a short time after drinking the beverage, the deputy experienced flu-like symptoms, KOAM reports. . .

According to the publication, a coworker of Hockaday came forward and said Hockaday added “four little squirts” of the cleaner to the cop’s beverage.

“In today’s day and age, not only us in law enforcement but citizens as a whole, there’s enough going on out there that we have to worry about … now my guys are cautious about going through that drive through,” Murphy said to the Wichita Eagle. “We all chose this line of work to protect and serve. Now my guys have that concern of is my food safe.” (Read more from “McDonald’s Employee Accused of Putting Cleaner in Cop’s Drink” HERE)

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