Unreal: Mcdonald’s Employee Fired After Refusing to Serve Paramedics

They’re popping up all over the country. Stories about first responders being refused service or harassed at various establishments, whether that be for coffee or engagement rings, it’s becoming a recurring theme. It’s disturbing, though undoubtedly fueled in part by the ranks of the politically correct and the Black Lives Matter crowd. We had a sheriff’s deputy in North Carolina barred from picking up his engagement ring because he was carrying his service weapon. Five police officers in Tempe, Arizona were told to leave a local Starbucks because some snowflake was triggered by their presence in the establishment. And now, some Florida snowflake didn’t want to serve anyone with a badge. Oh, sorry—let me rewind for a second; a McDonald’s employee was fired because she refused to serve…a paramedic. Yeah, even after the first responder said he wasn’t a police officer, she still refused service. The incident occurred in Madeira Beach, Florida (via ABC Action News, Tampa Bay):

A McDonald’s employee was fired after turning away Sunstar paramedics Wednesday night.

Sunstar paramedic Anthony Quinn accused the employee at the McDonald’s in Madeira Beach of refusing to provide service to him and his partner, according to a review he left.

Quinn’s review stated that he went into the restaurant in his uniform to use the restroom when the employee told him “we don’t accept officers in here.” After telling her that he wasn’t an officer she proceeded to say that they didn’t accept “anyone with a badge.”

After Quinn’s partner walked in to order food, the employee, according to his review, told him “we don’t serve your kind here.”

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