Liberal Host Corrects Eric Swalwell on Virginia Shooting Despite His Anti-Gun ‘Expertise’

By Townhall. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on Wednesday made an appearance on “The View.” Naturally, the discussion turned to his desire for gun control, especially after last week’s tragic shooting in Virginia Beach. When asked what could be done to keep this from happening again, Swalwell reiterated his desire for an “assault weapons” ban and buyback program.

“First, ban and buyback every assault weapon in America. I’m the only candidate calling for that. That will go a long way. Kids are sitting paralyzed with fear in their classrooms today and you can’t measure that,” Swalwell explained. “We can measure the deaths and the loss and we mourn the dead, but the fear that a kid has in their classroom today, you can’t measure that.”

Whoopi Goldberg did, however, remind Swalwell of one important tidbit: the Virginia Beach shooter was an average guy and he carried his attack out with “regular guns” – a handgun – and not an AR-15.

What’s ironic is Swalwell citied Chicago’s shootings this past weekend

“Southside Chicago this weekend. 50 shootings. 50 people were shot. 10 people killed. That’s different than the church shootings and the school shootings. Those are blocks that we’ve failed to invest in. People don’t have hope,” he said.

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Presidential Hopeful Swalwell Leaves Door Open for Reelection to House

By The Hill. Democratic presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell sees June as his time to shine — but if America doesn’t fall in love with the four-term congressman, he’s still open to running for a fifth term in the House.

Swalwell (D-Calif.) is in the midst of the first real television blitz of his two-month-old 2020 presidential campaign. He appeared at a CNN town hall event Sunday, was on “The Daily Show” on Monday and on Tuesday he joins “The View” for a daytime segment.

“June’s an opportunity to introduce myself to the country,” Swalwell told The Hill in an interview this weekend, on the sidelines of the California Democratic Party’s annual convention.

Swalwell has already met polling criteria for inclusion in this month’s first Democratic debates, on June 26 and 27, though he has not collected the 65,000 donors that would allow him to meet the Democratic National Committee’s second threshold.

He is not concerned yet with the polls that show him as an asterisk — or, on occasion, with the support of just one percent of respondents. (Read more from “Presidential Hopeful Swalwell Leaves Door Open for Reelection to House” HERE)

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