We Now Know What Was Said During the Jussie Smollett Hoax 911 Call

The New York Post on Wednesday evening released a 911 call from Jussie Smollett’s alleged attack. Smollett’s creative manager, Frank Gatson, made the call for help, which the Post obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The audio is from the first of two calls Gatson made to police.

“I work with an artist — I don’t really want to say his name — but he states that [redaction] he went to Subway he was walking by and some guys somebody jumped him or something like that, and I just want to report it and make sure that he’s alright,” Gatson told the 911 operator.

The operator asked why Smollett didn’t make the call himself. Gatson said Smollett wasn’t going to call the police but Gatson wanted him to. The operator told Gatson that Smollett had to file the police report himself. . .

The alleged crime turned out to be a hoax. Smollett told Chicago police he had been attacked by two of President Donald Trump’s supporters who were racists and homophobes. It was discovered that the two “attackers” were brothers from Nigeria who Smollett had paid to attack him. One of the brothers had actually appeared in as an extra in “Empire,” the show Smollett is most known for.

Prosecutors ended up dropping all charges against Smollett. The city of Chicago is suing the actor for $130,000 related to the overtime costs associated with investigating his case.

[Warning: recording contains strong language]

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