WATCH: One Issue Had the 2020 Dems at Each Other’s Throats During the Second Debate

By Townhall. We expected health care to be a hot topic at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Detroit, and we were wrong. It was on fire. Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) were basically at the throats of the more moderate candidates onstage who questioned their Medicare for All plans.

Rep. John Delaney (D-MD) was on the front lines for the Army of the Moderates. In the beginning stages of the debate, he told Sanders exactly what he thought of his health care idea and how it would boot Americans off their private insurance plans.

“Why do we have to be the party of taking something away from someone?” Delaney wondered. . .

Sanders insisted his idea was sound and that his government option would not only be more moral, but would drive costs down for hospitals and for the middle class. Hospitals will be “better off,” he argued. He would go on to use Canada as an example of a country that’s doing it right and treating health care as a “human right.” . . .

Yet other candidates, like South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, were also not thrilled with Medicare for All. He had a slightly different idea. Buttigieg’s Medicare for All Who Want It plan would offer a public alternative that would be both “more affordable and more comprehensive” than corporate options, he argued. As such, Americans will walk away from the corporate options. (Read more from “One Issue Had the 2020 Dems at Each Other’s Throats During the Second Debate” HERE)


Warren scolds audience for laughing at story of ALS sufferer in ‘Medicare-for-all’ debate: ‘This isn’t funny’

By Fox News. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Tuesday was not happy at the 2020 Democratic debate audience’s reaction to her pulling the debate back to her story of a friend who was suffering from ALS while battling his insurance company — telling the audience “this isn’t funny.”

The moment came during a heated discussion between candidates about the costs and consequences of “Medicare-for-all” policies. Warren, who is a passionate critic of the current private health care system and insurance companies, said she wanted to talk about Ady Barkan — a 35-year-old activist suffers from ALS. Warren said “it’s killing him.”

She said that he had good health insurance but it wasn’t enough for him to get the treatment he needs. But before she could finish her story, she was cut off by CNN moderator Jake Tapper who then asked her about whether she would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for it. . .

“This isn’t funny,” she scolded. “This is somebody who has health insurance and is dying and every month he has $9,000 in medical bills that his insurance company won’t cover.” (Read more from “Warren scolds audience for laughing at story of ALS sufferer in ‘Medicare-for-all’ debate: ‘This isn’t funny’” HERE)

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